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An Overview of Private Label Supplements and Contract Manufacturing

When it comes to private label supplements and contract manufacturing, Matsun has the experience you can trust.

With more people using vitamins and supplements than ever before, it is important to find a supplement company that manufacturers high-quality supplement products. The products must be safe, effective, and must meet strict quality control standards. For this reason, it is essential to choose a supplement manufacturer that is NSF registered, FDA inspected and GMP compliant. At Matsun Nutrition, we work hard to provide people with the best liquid vitamins and liquid supplements to meet their daily needs.

Matsun Nutrition manufactures private label vitamins, supplements, and nutraceuticals in liquid form that fit the ever changing demands of a variety of businesses. As a leading liquid supplement manufacturer in the USA, we offer two main programs to better service our customers. The first is our Private Label Program whereby customers can choose from over 40+ in-house liquid vitamin and supplement products which can then be branded with their own company name and logo. The second is our Contract Manufacturing Program that allows customers to develop their own custom formulation. Our goal is to be your first choice when it comes to finding supplement a quality liquid supplement company.

Private Label Supplements Program

Private label supplements are stock products that can be labeled and sold by other parties as their own. For our stock supplement products, we use high-quality formulas that have been tested over time and proven to be great sellers.

The formulas that we use are designed and based on years of research. This includes extensive research on how well a person’s body can handle a compound and how it works. Our goal is to produce vitamins and supplements that make it easier for people to stay healthy, achieve their nutritional goals and live a healthier life.

Matsun Nutrition also provides shelf life stability testing. The stability of our products is guaranteed to have a full 2-year shelf life to ensure that the ingredients have not been compromised.

As private label supplement manufacturers, we follow a series of simple 3-step process to help you start your own supplement business and make your job as easy as possible.

  1. After you review the products we have available, simply choose which ones you wish to order.
  2. We have all the legally required nutrition information labels ready to go and can add a custom logo and company name to the labels so that you can create your very own supplement brand.
  3. We will then label the bottles, package them, and have them shipped out to you.

You can take care of all the marketing plans yourself at this point. This includes figuring out where you will sell the products, whether it be at a physical store or online.

We make it very easy to get started selling supplements and we are here to guide you through the process and answer any questions that you may have. It is designed to help you sell products without having to go through all the difficulties that come with finding formulas that work or dealing with too many governmental regulations.

Private Label Supplement Program: Volume Discounts

One great part of our services is that we offer affordable products with some of the lowest ordering requirements. You can get wholesale vitamins from us with a minimum order of just twelve bottles on most of our products. This is ideal if you have smaller sales needs or if you want to give our products a trial before committing to something a little larger.

Of course, you can always order our wholesale supplements at any time. We work hard to help people who need more products for their retail demands.

We even offer special volume discounts:

  • Our volume discounts start at 5% off for 96 bottles.
  • Save 10% on an order of 144 bottles.
  • Our volume deals go up to 25% off for 800 bottles.

You can choose to order as many of these bottles as needed. There are no contracts involved with getting them either. This ensures that you will get more out of your products by only purchasing what you need.

Places to Sell Supplements

  • Health Food Stores
  • Drug Stores
  • Pet Stores and Veterinarians
  • Gyms and Spas
  • Beauty Boutiques
  • Weight Loss Clinics
  • Amazon, eBay, and other online platforms

Supplement Contract Manufacturing

Matsun Nutrition also offers vitamin and supplement contract manufacturing services. Under our contract manufacturing program, there are a few very important benefits that you will gain.

The main two benefits being

  1. The availability of custom formulations and
  2. Low costs.

In terms of the private label vs contract manufacturing debate, there is a clear difference between the two. Dietary supplements that use our stock in-house formulas are the only ones available for private labeling. Whereas, the big difference is that with contract manufacturing vitamins and supplements, you can customize your supplement product as you see fit.

For instance, this way this process works is that you will ask us to incorporate a specific set of ingredients or flavorings into your new custom supplement formula. Our in-house chemists, formulators and lab technicians can then work with you to create a formula that is unique and meets your special requirements.

As a liquid nutraceutical contract manufacturer, we focus on handling all kinds of different compounds that work to your benefit. Our experienced staff can help recommend which specific ingredients are best to use with your custom formula. In fact, many of our products are made to benefit people with a wide range of needs and with very specific standards in mind. Once you determine exactly what you want to provide to your customers, including specific ingredients, these can then be used to create your own unique branded supplement products.

Vitamin & Supplement Research and Development

We understand that you have many questions and needs with regards to getting good products ready for sale. You can always contact us for help with getting your products developed and ready to use. Fortunately, we have research and development services available for you to take advantage of in getting the process started.

Supplement Bottling and Packaging

The products we have available for sale are very easy to consume and use. We offer a variety of bottle sizes that are simple and easy to handle. These include bottles that range from two ounces in size up to one gallon on average.

We also offer bulk 55-gallon drums for those that have this type of special requirement. We have different types of sizes to fit your demands. Just contact us and we will help you with finding a solution that fits your needs.

Supplement Test Batching

We always work hard with preparing the test batches for our customer’s review. We can provide a small test batch so that you can test out a sample of the actual product before it goes into full production. The benefit of this is that you can modify the formula’s ingredients, flavoring, and coloring, to make sure it is exactly how you want it.

NSF Registered, FDA Inspected, and GMP Compliant Supplement Manufacturer

The products that we manufacture here at Matsun Nutrition are all safe and easy for anyone to use. Every package comes with the proper nutritional information label that displays a list of ingredients and instructions for using the product. Of course, you get to choose how the packaging will look so long as all those supplement label details are included on the bottles.

All our liquid supplement products are manufactured right here in the United States. They are made here to ensure you get the most out of the ingredients you use and to ensure that no potentially dangerous ingredients from foreign countries are used when making these products.

We also adhere to all GMP guidelines for manufacturing our liquid supplement products. This ensures that everything is prepared in a controlled, inspected and safe production environment.

Advantages of Private Labeling Liquid Supplements

  • These can be immediately consumed by the body. They don’t have to be dissolved within the body like traditional pills, capsules, or tablets.
  • They move through the body more quickly as they get into the bloodstream without much interruption. Thus, the benefits of liquid supplements can be experienced faster.
  • The risk of a liquid supplement breaking down will be minimal. Traditional vitamins tend to become weakened as they are digested. The acids in the body can keep some of them from working well. With a liquid supplement, the odds of the product breaking down prematurely and not working will be dramatically reduced.
  • It is much easier to consume liquid vitamins than it is to handle tablets or other solid supplement forms. This is ideal for people who struggle with swallowing traditional vitamins and supplements.
  • Often, liquid vitamins may be made with better ingredients that are safer to consume than what you’d find for other items.
  • At Matsun Nutrition, when we make our products, we use raw ingredients and natural flavors. We do this to provide you with a great product that is easy for the body to process without risking any possible harm.
  • We always avoid using fillers that often just fill up space within a product.
  • Binders are not needed to keep our ingredients intact.
  • Disintegrators are not required to help get anything to dissolve as it is being used.
  • Any flavorings that we use are made from natural vegetarian sources.

The effort, experience, and attention to detail that we put into making our supplements are certainly worth exploring. After all, when it comes to making private label nutraceuticals, we take everything seriously.

A Variety of Supplement Products to Choose From

The best part of contacting Matsun Nutrition for your help with your next supplement manufacturing project is that we offer an assortment of great products. Here’s a look at some of the products we offer.

  • Antioxidants are available to help people with improving their immune systems.
  • L-Carnitine liquid supplements provide people with this necessary amino acid.
  • Our brain health products are great for all sorts of people. We even have a liquid supplement for those who have ADD and ADHD.
  • Liquid sleep aids are included with healthy non-addictive compounds.
  • Energy shots and green tea energy products are among the unique products we’ve got for sale. These are especially portable and provide people with the energy they need for all kinds of situations.
  • Glucosamine can help people to stay active by improving upon how their joints feel.
  • Many of our products help improve the hair, skin, and nails. These include items that restore the natural shine of one’s hair.
  • Acne skin care supplements help fix the problems that cause acne from the inside out.

Liquid Multivitamins for People and Pets

We have an assortment of private label and contract manufacturing multivitamins that bring many different vitamins together. Our liquid multivitamins are made with an assortment of different compounds in mind and have been proven to be effective for many needs.

We are a proud dietary supplement manufacturer of multivitamins for adults and children alike. We offer these products to such audiences in many forms to help them get the most out of their bodies.

They are designed with a variety of natural ingredients and flavors in mind. We make them like this as we know that it is often challenging for some people to consume vitamins. We work our formulators to get the most out of anything you want to consume.

Prenatal Vitamin Solutions

We have prenatal liquid vitamins and supplements for women as well. These include folic acid supplements that help pregnant mothers and their unborn children. These are safe to consume and are easier to take than more traditional vitamins.

Weight Loss Supplements

We care about the weight loss needs of our clients. We proudly offer private label dietary supplements that feature a variety of prominent natural ingredients. These include Raspberry Ketones and Garcinia Cambogia with a green coffee bean extract. These are designed to provide you with extra help for managing your body’s needs for burning off fat. If anything, you will find that you’ll lose more weight with these while maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine than if you tried the same routine without such items.

Private Label Pet Supplements

We are also a liquid pet supplement manufacturer that offers a variety of private label nutrition products for your pets. We have dog and cat formulas for a variety of needs. We have glucosamine supplements to help your pets have healthy joints. These include extra strength formulas designed with large dog breeds in mind. We even offer a horse glucosamine supplement.

Our unique line of pet supplement products sets us apart from other private label pet manufacturers. You have the option to sell our cat and dog supplement products at pet supply stores or at a veterinary clinic. These can also be great for use at organic and farm supply stores.

If there’s one thing to note, it’s that we are a private label vitamin manufacturer that offers many products for all sorts of needs. We proudly sell these great products for all kinds of people to use. We work hard to give everyone the necessary supplements that they can use to stay comfortable.

Check Out Our E-Books

We also have a few different e-books that you can read to get information on various products and services that may be of value to you. We offer information in our e-books that can help anyone get started, even if you have little or no experience in the supplement market.