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Here are some of the common questions we receive regarding getting started with our contract manufacturing and private label supplement programs.

FAQ’s regarding nutraceutical contract manufacturers, liquid supplements private labels manufacturing. Please give us a call if you have further questions.

At Matsun Nutrition, we provide a wide range of services for supplement manufacturing, including formulation, ingredient sourcing, production, packaging, and quality control. We offer a turnkey solution to bring your supplement product from concept to reality.

Matsun Nutrition specializes in manufacturing a wide range of dietary supplements. Whether you’re looking to create capsules, tablets, softgels, powders, liquids, or other supplement forms, our capabilities cover a diverse spectrum of dietary and nutritional products.

We have the expertise to manufacture a variety of supplements, including capsules, tablets, softgels, powders, liquids, and more. Our capabilities cover a wide spectrum of dietary and nutritional products.

Yes, we offer custom formulation services to create unique supplement formulas tailored to your brand’s requirements. We also provide private label solutions, allowing you to brand our high-quality products with your label.

Quality is our top priority. We adhere to strict quality control standards and cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) regulations. Our quality assurance team conducts rigorous testing and inspections at every stage of production to ensure the safety and efficacy of your supplements.

Yes, we are committed to compliance and hold various certifications, including FDA registration and cGMP compliance. We maintain the highest industry standards to ensure that your supplements meet or exceed all regulatory requirements.

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If you have more questions regarding liquid supplements private labels manufacturing just give us a call. We’re always here to help!