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Label and Package Design Services

Package Design

Matsun Nutrition excels at preparing pristine package and label designs for nutritional supplements.

The Whole Package

Good nutritional packaging design isn’t just about aesthetics, it’s also about the customers’ experience getting into the product, the materials they interact with, the warnings they must read before consumption, and even the steps they should take after depleting their supply. Matsun Nutrition excels at preparing the package and label design for nutritional supplements because we address all aspects of interaction: visual, tactile, informational.

Logo Samples Created By Our Artists

Types of Packaging Solutions

We have access to the most intriguing vitamin packaging solutions available. All product packaging artwork is uniquely designed for your brand. The packaging possibilities are endless! Our product development team and graphic artists are ready to walk you through the packaging selection process when you are!

Trends on the Market

Clean label products are selling like never before because consumers continue to gain knowledge about nutrition, safety, and sustainability. Today, they seek dietary supplements free of unnecessary additives, fillers, and binders. Vegan-friendly brain health supplements, non-GMO vitamin C supplements, and filler-free immune system support supplements could tip the scale in your favor when consumers are deciding between your private label and another? Throw in the fact that your health products are manufactured in an FDA-Registered facility, and you are well on your way to supplement sale success. There is a large population of people taking dietary supplements, many of whom have yet to learn what your private label brand has to offer!

Manufacturing dietary supplements and vitamins with Matsun Nutrition includes a convenient graphic design service, giving your supplement brand the perfect opportunity to educate customers. Yes, it is important to list all the ingredients in your custom formula, but it is possibly more important to list what is NOT in your formula—and that could make or break the consumer’s decision to purchase your product. Our expert designers are well-equipped to display all important details on your FDA-compliant label. They know what catches the eye, so your clean label and packaging will stand out both on the shelves and online. First impressions matter, so make them count by partnering with Matsun Nutrition, the nutraceutical industry’s most reliable all-in-one service provider.

Selling Supplements with Non-Compliant Labels is Against the Law

Our team is up to speed on the latest FDA’s labeling regulations for dietary supplement guidelines: typography and font sizes, minimum required information, prioritization of information, directions & warnings, and ingredient formatting – we will make recommendations on your existing label design if we discover issues.

The FDA Compliance Service is complimentary only for customers manufacturing supplements with Matsun Nutrition – it is advised that all products be reviewed by an attorney specializing in FDA law for nutraceuticals.

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