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How to Choose the Right Bulk Supplement Manufacturer for Large Orders

How to Choose the Right Bulk Supplement Manufacturer for Large Orders

The booming supplement industry, projected to generate nearly 308 billion U.S. dollars globally by 2028, thrives on innovation, quality, and one crucial factor: scale.  Whether you’re a seasoned brand owner or an aspiring entrepreneur, navigating the world of high-volume manufacturing can feel intimidating. Finding the right partner to produce your product efficiently, safely, and consistently […]

Pros & Cons of Custom Formulation Supplements

Pros & Cons of Custom Formulation Supplements

The supplements industry is highly competitive. As of 2023, over 29,000 different dietary supplements were available on U.S. retail shelves, and it’s estimated that nearly 1,000 new supplements enter the market every year. If you want your supplement brand to stand out in the vast ocean of other supplements, you might want to offer your […]

Premium Packaging Strategies & Benefits for Supplement Brands

In a world chock-full of cookie-cutter packaging designs, premium packaging can become a huge differentiator. But is premium packaging all about striking aesthetics, or is there more than meets the eye? In this post, we’ll explore key things you need to know about premium packaging options and how they can set your supplement business apart […]

9 Benefits of Attending Supplement Trade Shows

Are you looking for ways to boost your supplement business and stay ahead of the competition? If yes, attending supplement manufacturer trade shows can be a boon for your business. From learning about the latest industry trends to providing networking opportunities, attending manufacturer trade shows can provide numerous benefits for your business.  In this blog […]

Services Offered By Private Label Pet Supplement Providers

Are you a pet lover looking to start a business? If yes, you might want to start your own bespoke line of pet supplements. But how can you start your own pet supplement brand without the technical expertise or equipment to produce pet supplements? That’s where private label pet supplement formulation service providers come in. […]

How to Get Approved to Sell Supplements on Amazon

How to Get Approved to Sell Supplements on Amazon

Amazon has revolutionized the way consumers shop for products online. From electronics and books to home improvement tools and dietary supplements, the e-commerce giant is a one-stop shop for almost everything.  If you want to grow your supplements business, selling supplements on Amazon can be an excellent way to reach millions of customers. However, selling […]

Benefits of Working with Top Supplement Manufacturers in The USA

Benefits of Working with Top Supplement Manufacturers in The USA

In a time when health and wellness are at the forefront of consumer consciousness, the supplement industry has experienced significant growth. One notable phenomenon within this industry is the exponential rise of liquid vitamins and supplements. The trend towards healthier lifestyles, coupled with the rapid growth of the dietary supplement industry, has led to a […]

How to Create a Unique Supplement Brand from Scratch: A Comprehensive Guide

Start a Unique Supplement Brand A Comprehensive Guide

Turning a great product idea into a successful business venture is not as easy as it seems. But with the right strategies and unwavering dedication, it’s entirely achievable. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the essential steps to help you create a successful and distinctive supplement brand. 1. Identify and Understand Your Target Audience […]

Steps to Find a Manufacturer to Create Your Supplement Brand

How to Find a Supplement Manufacturer

In the booming health and wellness industry, the demand for dietary supplements has never been higher. If you have a passion for nutrition and a vision for a unique and high-quality supplement product, you are probably considering starting your own supplement brand. However, turning your dream into reality is not as easy as it seems. […]

What Are The FDA Guidelines You Must Adhere To When You Create Your Own Supplement Brand?

Essential FDA Guidelines for Creating Your Supplement Brand

With consumers seeking alternative ways to improve their health and well-being, the dietary supplement industry has witnessed significant growth over the years. As a result, many entrepreneurs are venturing into the business of creating their own supplement brands.  However, making your own supplement company requires more than just developing a marketable product; it also involves […]