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Are you looking for the best supplement company offering supplement and vitamin manufacturing for startup businesses? Today, the number of vitamin companies that manufacture supplements and vitamins for private label has grown, but Matsun Nutrition remains a leader in this industry. Matsun Nutrition is based in California, USA and specializes in wholesale supplements and custom vitamins for all types of businesses. It is a supplement company pioneering with over 20 years in liquid supplement and vitamin manufacturing. The company differs from other vitamin companies in that it is a one-stop vitamin factory offering a wide range of liquid vitamins and liquid supplements. Why wait, get a quick quote now!

We Provide Everything You Need

At Matsun Nutrition, you will find everything that you need to succeed from start to finish in a few simple steps. It does not matter whether you are looking to start a supplement company that will let you sell on Amazon or stock your products at local stores, Matsun Nutrition has a low minimum order requirement of only 12 bottles enabling you to start small and grow your business based on the current demand. Furthermore, if you are looking to expand your already existing business with customized products, with Matsun Nutrition’s supplement and vitamin manufacturing services, you can start with as low as 800 bottles. The supplement and vitamin contract manufacturing services at Matsun Nutrition allow businesses and individuals to sell any type of vitamin or supplement.

We Are Here to Suit Your Needs

Matsun Nutrition also works with businesses with special requirements to manufacture custom supplements and vitamins that meet their specific needs including the use natural flavors, organic formulations, special raw ingredients, and non-GMO among others. For businesses looking to sell on Amazon, the company offers a complete guide including eBooks on how to start selling on Amazon, something that you will struggle to find from other vitamin companies. Furthermore, unlike another supplement company that only offer supplement and vitamin manufacturing, Matsun Nutrition is a one-stop facility that offers everything you need from manufacturing to design labeling and shipping and logistics.

Working with Us Is Simple

With most vitamin companies, you have to use the services of multiple companies ranging from label designers to logistical and shipping companies, but at Matsun Nutrition, you only have to talk with the staff to get everything you need in a few simple steps. You can finish the ordering process with as few as three steps that include choosing the right formula, label design and placing the order. It is imperative to highlight that when designing your labels at Matsun Nutrition, they are done by in-house experts without any extra cost.

The other thing by Matsun Nutrition that differs from other vitamin companies is the commitment to quality. Unlike another custom supplement company, Matsun Nutrition has invested in a state-of-art facility that ensures quality throughout the supplement and vitamin manufacturing process from mixing of raw ingredients to packaging. It is also important to note that with Matsun Nutrition, you will have a wide variety of products to choose from ranging from weight loss supplements to energy supplements, sleep aid supplements, skin care supplements, prenatal supplements, and brain supplements among others. You can also expand your products by choosing to sell one of Matsun Nutrition’s specialty type supplements such as herbal vitamins and supplements.

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