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Contract Manufacturer of Colloidal Silver for Cats and Dogs

Finding a contract manufacturer of colloidal silver for cats and dogs is increasingly becoming a popular task in the market. When you’re looking for a colloidal silver supplement for convenient use in a spray bottle or liquid drops, you need a trusted manufacturer to help you accomplish the task. Featuring as one of the best contract manufacturers of colloidal silver for cats and dogs in the market, we can make your supply chain business easy. Our colloidal silver spray canine and feline supplements are made with the highest standards making them perfect for eliminating clipper burns and other skin irritation on pets.

What Makes Us The Best Contract Manufacturer?

Our pet liquid supplements have become one of the best-selling products in the market with colloidal silver private label resellers receiving consistent demand both online and locally. We always adhere to the highest industry standards in pet supplement manufacturing and that has led to enormous success as a contract manufacturer of colloidal silver for cats and dogs. And since we are a full-service contract pet supplements manufacturer, we can customize the supplement formulations to help meet your specific needs. This ensures that you not only get fast moving liquid supplements for dogs but products that can help pets get a healthy supply of minerals, nutrients, and vitamins. Our colloidal silver for dogs and cats are formulated through an electro-colloidal process and that ensures the supplement drops are delivered with a simple spray. Hence cat and dog owners have an effective alternative for pills and creams.

Benefits of Using a Pet Supplement Contract Manufacturer

Contract manufacturing of colloidal silver for cats and dogs comes with plenty of benefits for the supplier and retailers. One of the basic advantages of getting a contract manufacturer of colloidal silver for cats and dogs is that you can get a consistent supply of bulk supplements. Also, when you choose to work with the experienced manufacturers in the market, you can be assured of getting a supply of high-quality supplements. Our contract manufacturing services welcome any suggestions on the formulations to be used and that ensures suppliers get exactly what the market wants. Additionally, with our low-cost private label manufacturing services, suppliers, and resellers of private label cat and dog liquid supplements can enjoy significant profits in the business.

Contract Manufacturer of colloidal silver for cats and dogs

How to Get Started With a New Contract Manufacturer

While private label dog supplements is a sector that has not been fully explored, there are possibilities of new entrants to make significant steps towards success in the business. Whether you’re an established supplier of colloidal silver feline or canine supplement or an online reseller that started a business a few years ago, working with us can be just as swift. All you need to do is contact, make your needs known and we’ll start working on your order right away. If you have any specific formulation you want include in the colloidal silver for cats and dogs, you can let us know so that we work towards creating a high-quality pet liquid supplement. Regardless of your experience in the industry, we ensure fast turnaround on all any orders so that we can keep up with the demand in the market.

What Certifications Should You Look For In A Contract Manufacturer?

Being one of the premier canine and feline liquid supplement manufacturers in the industry, we ensure strict compliance with all the applicable FDA guidelines for supplement manufacturers. Our facility is also cGMP certified and NSF registered which means our liquid Colloidal silver liquid supplement for cats and dogs are manufactured under the healthy and risk-free environment. This means our valued clients can be confident in us knowing they’ll get the exact kind of product they need.


Getting a contract manufacturer of colloidal silver for cats and dogs is one of the best ways for any pet liquid supplier to get high quality and consistent supply of the products. Our liquid supplement contract manufacturing services are open for both local and online suppliers and re-sellers, which means getting private label dog and cat supplements to the market is easy. As a re-seller, you can bring on board suggestions on possible formulations for Colloidal silver for cats and dogs, which guarantees the very quality of products you want. And since we comply with all the FDA and NSF standards, we are presumably the best contract manufacturer you can work with, regardless of where you are operating from.