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Contract Manufacturer of Liquid Children’s Multivitamins

Need a Contract Manufacturer of Liquid Children’s Multivitamins for Your Company?

We are a top manufacturer of kids’ multivitamins that has the required certifications and can meet all your requirements of children multivitamins in the, fulfilling your orders large or small and providing you the best customer service. So look no further for your one stop shopping in leading contract manufacturer of liquid children’s multivitamins to put all your label promises inside the bottle!

Manufacturing Top Quality Children’s Supplement

The quality of kids’ multivitamins and supplements go unmatched. We have been working in this industry for decades perfecting each angle of the business to bring you the best ever formulas of children’s supplement first followed by the highest level company support in leading supplement manufacturers. A good contract manufacturer may carry several thoroughly developed formulas in-house at all times. We are one of the leading contract manufacturers of liquid children’s multivitamins and can also incorporate many additional claims or ingredients and can meet industry standards such as being free of all GMOs or manufactured using natural or organic ingredients. Being a top kids’ multivitamins manufacturer, we staff microbiologists, researchers, and chemists for these occasions. We can help you with creating great looking labels with proper instructions, nutritional facts, timing, and dosage. Our available in-house formulas completely cover sleep aid, weight loss, multivitamins for women, men and kids, pet health, pet health, prenatal liquids brain maintenance and whole food and organic formulas.

Supplement Industry Standards

Among the many contract manufacturer of liquid children’s multivitamins, some may not fully meet all moral and legal standards, but we comply with all FDA requirements including, but not limited to actual product testing and evaluation, making sure ingredients match the label, and stay up to date with current manufacturing practices. We are also registered with the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), The Public Health and Safety Organization. So you won’t find a safer company than us to do business with in this industry.

Contract Manufacturer of Liquid Children’s Multivitamins

Expert Consultation

We also offer consultation to companies that need the most superior testing and support. We employ renowned experts with different backgrounds that successfully develop supplements for both animals and humans. So we’re no stranger to different methods of testing, including those of determining shelf life, safety measures and the most specific information you need.

Supplement Fulfillment Using Contract Manufacturer

The biggest benefit of using contract manufacturer of liquid children’s multivitamins is that they can guarantee volume and quality. We accept both low volume and high volume orders when you use our custom formulation services. Small clients such as veterinarians, naturopaths, online operations and small retail stores can easily benefit from this service. We definitely appreciate the opportunity these relationships present for making newer product discoveries and grow further what we’ve successfully built up over the years. As a leading contract manufacturer of liquid children’s multivitamins, we offer a unique service of providing you labels and other branding solutions. This is one biggest benefit you can have over your competition, having your own label designed by a leading supplement manufacturer who’s successfully sold millions of products and their labels and understands what catches consumer’s eyes.

Customer Service

One thing to look for in a contract manufacturer, great customer service. We take it to a higher level by offering extensive knowledge and services that others simply don’t. we strictly adhere to a three-step process for all those who want to successfully create a highly profitable liquid supplement company. It is important to first choose a good formula, we create your eye-catching label and when you place your order it is fulfilled within days. In addition, for firms just starting out in the children’s multivitamin industry, so many resources are available from out company, including free e-books, knowledgeable customer service, and an informative website. We also offer additional services that include research, product development, testing, brand consultation, flavor sampling, cost and shipping evaluation, and custom formulating.

Get Started Today!

We are able to support companies that want to sell children’s supplement and multivitamins by doing everything we do so that they may go sell quickly on the market. They can use our quality liquid vitamins, labeling, brand creation services, great customer service and faster turn time. Whether you’re a small company or an industry veteran, trust our capabilities. We comply with all legal entities and research and test vigorously to further guarantee the longevity and integrity of our supplements. We promise to grow with your company, no matter how small it stays or how big it gets. So contact us today to get started!