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Liquid Children’s Whole Food Multivitamins

Although we are one of the biggest contract manufacturer of liquid children’s whole food multivitamins and whole food supplements, we’re more than a private label vitamin factory. As contract manufacturers, we offer you a wide range of liquid supplements and vitamins. Wholesale custom vitamins and wholesale supplements are our specialties. Are you interested in quality whole food supplements for your company? We cover all your bases and more. We meet all necessary industry standards, and can fulfill your orders small and large and promise to provide you the best ever customer service. Look no further for your one stop for a contract manufacturer of  liquid children’s whole food multivitamins to put your label’s promise inside the bottle!

Manufacturing Top Quality Whole Food Supplements

The quality of our whole food supplements and vitamins go unmatched. We’ve been in this industry for years and promise to bring you the best formulas of supplements first, followed by best the possible support. We carry a number of developed formulas at all times, but we also do create a few of them as per clients’ needs. Being one of the biggest contract manufacturer of liquid children’s whole food multivitamins we have an in-house staff of microbiologists, researchers and chemists for these occasions. These professionals can help you in building an appropriate label with right instructions, nutritional facts, timing, and dosage.

Your One-Stop Supplement Solution

Think of us as your one-stop contract manufacturer of liquid children’s whole food multivitamins that guarantees discount supplements and vitamins in the United States. Our white label supplement business is second to none. We can also teach you ways to successfully sell your supplements on Amazon. Our private label supplement and contract manufacturing program can quickly take you from start to finish in just a few minutes in easy steps! So with us, you won’t have to wonder “what contract manufacturing is” and how to pick the best of them. We can make you an expert on how to start your very own supplement company.

Contract Manufacturer Liquid Children's Whole Food Multivitamin

Custom Orders

Being one of the most successful contract manufacturers of liquid children’s whole food multivitamins, we are a fully certified service that offers supplements both for kids and adults. What this means is that we have the capability to manufacture just about any type of supplements and vitamins you find on the market today. In addition, our team can custom-manufacture products to meet all your requirements, including the use of special natural flavors, special raw ingredients, non-GMO organic formulations, and more.

Small Orders Using Our In-House Formulas

The use of whole-food supplements continues to be on the rise. Fortunately, we offer a unique program that allows you to start your very own supplement company. We make it easy for you to get started with low minimums. Whether you want to sell on Amazon or your own store, we’re there to help. We also offer you free label designs! We are also NSF registered, a GMP compliant and FDA-inspected facility. All of our vitamins, whole food supplements are made right here in the US. We comply with all FDA requirements including, but not limited to product testing and evaluation, making sure the ingredients match the label and stay up to date with current good manufacturing practices, GMP and The Public Health and Safety Organization. Give us a call today or request a quick hassle-free quote!


We also offer consultation to companies that need the more superior testing and support. We staff experts with different backgrounds that develop supplements for both adults and kids. They know all about the methods of testing, including the best safety measures and determining the exact shelf life and best information you need.

Great Customer Service

One thing in common among top supplement manufacturers, great customer service. We take it ever further and offer a wide range of services. We not only allow you to choose your formula but create an eye-catching label and lastly place your order is fulfilled within days. Furthermore, for firms just starting out in this business, many resources are available, including valuable e-books and highly informative web resources. We also offer additional services, such as research, product development, flavor sampling, testing, brand consultation, cost/shipping evaluation, and custom formulating. You can trust us to grow with your company, no matter how big or small it is!