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Contract Manufacturer of Liquid Multivitamins

Contract manufacturers and contract manufacturing organizations (CMO’s) have had several good years recently and the contract manufacturers of liquid multivitamins, liquid supplements, and liquid vitamins are no exception. The real growth is due to several factors, including increasing consumption of supplements in both mature and emerging markets, an increased pipeline of new products and the emergence of small, virtual startups with boutique liquid vitamin brands who have no manufacturing capacity.

As the dust settled, it became apparent that the selection criteria for choosing contract manufacturer partners have changed significantly. Initially, affordability and decreasing production costs were the main drivers when companies selected their manufacturing partners. After several years it is now clear that quality has unseated cost savings as the primary criterion. Now, quality and reliability are the key criteria.
The main reasons for dissatisfaction with contract manufacturers are poor quality, an inability to meet deadlines, inability or reluctance to respond to problems in production, and additional unforeseen costs in the manufacturing process.
When you are looking for a contract manufacturer of liquid multivitamins, liquid supplements, and liquid vitamins, there are a few things to look out for.

International Reach

Look for a company that produces top-shelf vitamins that are exported across the world. An organization such as a contract manufacturer of liquid multivitamins that dedicates itself to the supplement industry should already have experience in providing a wide range of liquid multivitamins, liquid vitamins, and liquid supplements as well as multivitamin formulas and packs and single-ingredient vitamins.

Contract Manufacturer liquid multivitamins

Track Record

The best contract manufacturers of liquid vitamins will be one who already focuses and dedicate their skills, facilities, processing, production and research to this manufacturing niche in the industry and they should have a proven track record of manufacturing top quality vitamin supplements at the right price, and in time.


The manufacturer should own state-of-the-art facilities which should be designed to accommodate a huge range of batch sizes. This is critical when you are seeking a contract manufacturer of liquid multivitamins for a boutique brand or in smaller quantities, as your will require a quick processing time in a flexible facility where fast changeover is guaranteed.

Market Focus

Your contract manufacturer of liquid multivitamins should have vast experience in producing vitamins in all forms. Check to ensure that their QA processes are geared to the precise requirement for this niche market. Access to and experience in acquiring raw materials is essential, and raw material testing and label analysis should be carried out on the premises in cGMP mandated laboratories.


Your manufacturer should be able to offer you a variety of packaging solutions. Container characteristics are as important as quality in establishing or maintaining your market share. Labeling should reflect contemporary design and the contract manufacturer of liquid multivitamins must be highly competent.


When selecting a contract manufacturer, you should consider security, as there will be an exchange of intellectual property and data between the contract manufacturer and the client. While hiring a contract manufacturer of liquid multivitamins does make sound business sense, you should seek out a manufacturing partner that will offer acceptable practices to protect your rights.
It is wise to seek out a company that will be able to accommodate your needs, turnaround time and who can guarantee a quality product. The difference between cut-rate supplements and outstanding supplements is profound, and users are getting more sophisticated about production quality control. A thoroughly dependable contract manufacturer of liquid multivitamins will let you meet your expectations.