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Contract Manufacturer of Opti-MSM Glucosamine

Contract Manufacturer of Opti-MSM Glucosamine

Contract Manufacturing of Opti-MSM Glucosamine

The ideal contract manufacturer of Opti-MSM Glucosamine offers first-rate services of manufacturing glucosamine for joints and connective tissues.

The growing demand for MSM glucosamine has created the crucial need for retailers and wholesalers to enlist the services of resourceful contract manufacturers of Opti-MSM Glucosamine to maintain the steady supply of stocks.

We support supplement dealers to build their brands and carve their own market niches on the dynamic market.

As one of the highly reputed contract manufacturers, we are widely acknowledged for making high quality supplements that are both safe and effective in improving the overall health the user.

Contract Manufacturing Opti-MSM Glucosamine

We Support Your Custom Formulation Objectives

Custom Formula Opti-MSM Glucosamine

The odds of success in the supplement business often plays out in favor of retailers with custom formulated products.

Finding the right contract manufacturer of Opti-MSM Glucosamine is the first important step for strategic supplement retailers who aspire to achieve the goal of custom formulation.

One way of maintaining a strong presence on the market is to have Opti-MSM Glucosamine supplements with a unique formula that makes your business truly outstanding.

“Matsun Nutrition offers you all the help you need to come up with your perfect formula for your product.”

We are fully committed to helping businesses optimize on their strengths and gain a robust competitive advantage on the dynamic market of glucosamine for joints.

Private Label Program

Our products, your brand!

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Here at Matsun Nutrition we make it easy to get started with your own brand of private label supplements.

Just 12 bottles to Get Started!

We offer over 40+ proven formulations for a variety of liquid vitamins and supplements for both people and pets.

3 Easy Steps to Private Labeling

It’s really as simple as 1-2-3 !

  1. Choose one of our in-house liquid vitamin or supplement formulas.
  2. We create a unique and exciting label for your new brand.
  3. Place your order and then we ship it out within just 1-2 days!

All of our liquid vitamins and supplements are made in the USA.


Get on the fast track Start building your business today!

Private Labeling Supplement Consultation

Let us help you get started or grow your supplement business!


Contract Manufacturing

For custom formulations and large contract orders

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Need a Custom Formula?

We’ve got you covered!

Specializing in custom liquid supplement formulas for over 20 years, we have the experience, skills and technology to meet your special needs.

Our sales reps, chemists and formulators are ready to help bring your ideas to market, including small batch custom samples.

Contract and Custom Formulations at up to 25% Below Wholesale!

So, whether you are looking for an energy shot manufacturer, a high quality multivitamin or glucosamine for dogs, we can guide you through the process.  Give us a call now for a free consultation.

Our Remarkable Compliance Record

Any professional contract manufacturer of Opti-MSM Glucosamine should show proof of compliance with standard regulations that safeguard the safety and quality of the supplements.

We have are fully compliant with the FDA regulations that govern the practice of manufacturing glucosamine for joints.

“Get started with a contract manufacturer and watch your business grow!”

Besides, we operate within the requirements of NSF and cGMP. Our lasting commitment is to maintain a clean record of safety and quality in order to enhance the commercial fortunes of our clients and the overall health of the end user.

That is why we have earned the trust and confidence of a growing number of satisfied clients.

Benefit Energy Shot Contract Manufacturing

We Test Our Supplements

We resolve to maintain the best  contract manufacturer of Opti-MSM Glucosamine by constantly purifying our products of whatever contaminants that may imperil the health of the consumer.

Our concentration is the quality and safety of all our products.

We also acknowledge the fact that doubts about the safety of products can grossly compromise the commercial interests of our clients.


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We test the OptiMSM at very high sensitivity levels in order to trace and remove the tiniest impurities of up to 0.001ppm.

We always ensure that the final product does not show any trace of lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic.

That is why our products stand out in quality and safety when compared with many others on the market.

Top Qualities of a Great Supplement Manufacturer

Great Supplement Manufacturer

It is important to choose carefully when deciding on your next  supplement manufacturer. Along with quality, reliability and cost, proper certification is a must.

Our private label weight loss supplements are NSF registered, GMP and FDA compliant.

Matsun Nutrition proudly manufactures all of our supplements here in the USA.

Matsun Nutrition sets itself apart from other supplement manufacturers in many areas.  We operate state of the art manufacturing facilities that specialize in liquid vitamins and liquid supplements.

This provides us with specialized training and experience in liquids that other supplement manufacturers just do not have.

“And of course, all of our products are Made In The USA!”

Our strict internal safety procedures and quality control measures ensure both the safety and quality of our supplement products.

In addition to annual inspections, we meet or exceed all regulatory requirements, including NSF registered, FDA and GMP compliance.

As a full-service manufacturing company we offer everything from research and development of custom formulations to complete labeling, packaging and shipping of your products.  We are your one-stop source when it comes to liquid vitamin and supplement contract manufacturing.

Private Labeling Certifications Made in USA

The Latest Supplement Industry Trends

The supplement industry as a whole continues to outperform many others.  This is true not only regarding the sale of supplement for people, but also for pets.

It seems that every year, new types and forms of vitamins and supplements are introduced into the market place.

Whether it be gummy vitamins for kids or energy shots for adults, there is always something new coming out, often times in high demand.

Supplement Sales are Estimated to Top 150 Billion Dollars by 2020.

Private Labeling Supplement Trends

With such a vast variety of vitamins and health supplements to choose from, it’s no wonder that the supplement industry continues to grow.  As such, this affords both small and large companies to jump into the market without fear of too much competition.

With the popularity of private label brands being accepted by consumers wishing to save a few dollars, and the relatively low start-ups costs, successful new entries into the supplement market are becoming more and more common.

High Quality Packaging

Our esteemed customers have often remarked fondly about the high quality of our packaging.

We rank near the top on the long list of some of the highly regarded contract manufacturers of Opti-MSM Glucosamine.

One of the strongest areas in this business is the designing and creating of custom packaging with award-winning custom designs that reflect profound aesthetic enhancements.

We include the business name and logo in order to give the product a strong distinguishing appeal.

Contract Manufacturing Liquid Supplement Benefits

“An eye-catching label will set you apart from the competition. “

We are always determined to ensure that our clients get the best services and products from the manufacturing stage to the point of sale.

Unlimited Places To Sell Your Supplements

Liquid Supplement Best Selling

One of the great things about the supplement business is that there are an unlimited number of places to sell supplements.  A few obvious choices include:  retail stores, health food stores gyms, doctor and veterinarian offices, online stores and more…

Today, selling online is the most popular sales platform due to the endless benefits it offers to both the business owner and consumers. Selling supplements online also affords very low start-up costs.

Millions of people are buying and selling products online each and every day.  How about you?

Many retailers sell supplements through their own successful online stores.

However, another great option is selling supplements on Amazon.  No experience, no problem.  Matsun Nutrition can help you get started!

Another good thing about starting your own liquid supplements is that you can choose the ideal place to sell your supplements based on your target market and personal preferences.

Modernized Manufacturing Plant

The need to upgrade our on-time service delivery has driven to invest in hi-tech manufacturing equipment that help us to meet or surpass the clients’ expectations with regard to quality, capacity and turnaround time.

We are capable of achieving an incredible output of work within the shortest time possible.

Another advantage of working with us is that we deal with low minimum orders to help our customers get started with the business.

We understand the challenge of getting enough capital to order a massive output of supplements. Our flexible approach to business allows us to service visionary business people who wish to deal with glucosamine for joints and connective tissue without incurring enormous logistical costs.

Private Labeling Supplement Marketing

We are determined to lead others in the provision of top-notch and low-cost manufacturing services of varying quantities.

Usually, we work closely with the clients at every stage of the manufacturing process so that we are able to deliver Glucosamine for joints according to the specifications.

“All of our products are all natural and  Made in USA”

We remain the ultimate contract manufacturer of Opti-MSM Glucosamine for market-oriented MSM Glucosamine supplements.

Top 7 Reasons To Choose Matsun Nutrition

If you are you looking for a fully certified, reliable, full-service liquid vitamin and supplement manufacturer, then look no further than Matsun Nutrition.  Here are just a few of the many reasons to choose Matsun Nutrition.

  1. Over 20 Years Specializing in Liquid Vitamin and Supplement Manufacturing!
  2. Highest Quality Ingredients Available!
  3. NSF Registered, GMP and FDA Compliant!
  4. FREE 1 on 1 Professional Consultation!
  5. Custom Formulations!
  6. Low Price Industry Leader!
  7. Dedicated to Your Success!

Private Labeling Contract Manufacturing Contact

Our in-house production team and expert staff are ready to serve you!

Whether you would like your supplements shipped locally or internationally, we guarantee quick shipping with the lowest possible shipping costs.

Our goal at Matsun Nutrition is to provide you with the highest quality products at the most affordable prices, and to assist you with your growing and successful business.  Give us a call today!