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Designing Content for Your Supplement Business

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Designing Content for Your Supplement Business

Design is what first attracts customers to your business. This can be the design of a billboard, an ad in a magazine, or even an ad on social media. When it comes to design and creating content for your supplement business, there can be a lot to know. Here are a few tips for designing content for your supplement business.

Design for the user

The most important thing to remember when designing content for your business is to think about the person who is going to view and interact with that design. That is why many companies hire user interface and user experience designers for website and app designs. These designers have been trained and educated on how people interact with content along with making things look nice.

Principles of design

Once you know how you want your customers to interact with your content, you should focus on the principles of design. These principles of design include:

  • Color – Color is one of the first things people notice. It is used by designers to create moods and feelings.
  • Balance – Balance in design is the concept of making things feel even. Design layouts have weight and when attention is only drawn to one side of the design then it is unbalanced.
  • Proximity – Proximity helps designers know where to place content. When content is spread too far apart with too much negative space, the design can feel empty and almost unfinished. Parts that are supposed to be grouped may even lose that relationship when too far apart. However, when things are too close, it can create tension. For example, when two different parts of a design are almost touching, the design feels off.
  • Scale – Scale is great to use for emphasizing different parts of a design. When one object in design is larger than the rest, it adds contrast and stands out.
  • Contrast – This principle of design can be used in many ways. Most often, contrast is used when deciding on color. Many people might think of complementary colors like red and green when thinking of contrast. However, any colors that stand out against each other can create contrast, like baby blue and black. Contrast does not only apply to colors but can apply to the size of objects in design as well.
  • Repetition – This is an important principle when it comes to designing for a brand. Repetition helps create a unified look by repeating specific elements throughout a design.
  • Hierarchy – Hierarchy is very important and affects the way the audience views and moves their eyes throughout a piece. You want the design to have a natural flow from one element to the next. You can create this using the principles previously mentioned.

Stay consistent with your brand

Once you have established your business and your brand, it is important to keep the design consistent. Consistency in design will help people recognize and even remember your business. This includes being consistent in things like colors, fonts, photography styles, vector graphic styles, and more. The most popular brands are easily recognized because they follow these rules of consistency.