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Email Marketing Ideas for Your Supplement Line

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Email Marketing Ideas for Your Supplement Line

It’s no secret that emails are an effective marketing tool. Many people spend their mornings scrolling through their inboxes. It is an easy way to grab the attention of people and guide them to your website. Here are some email marketing ideas for your supplement line to help you get started. To learn more about why you should set up email marketing, read our article, “The Importance of Email Marketing”.

New Product Announcements

One way to attract attention to your online shop is to announce new products. Especially if subscribers to your email list are already loyal customers. New products and information are exciting and as a business owner, you can play off of the customers curiosity.

Birthdays and Personalization

People love to feel important and everyone should. One way to do this is to send birthday emails to subscribers. Send an email wishing them a happy birthday and offer them a discount or other offer on their special day. Another way to personalize emails is to address each subscriber by their first name at the top.

Abandoned Carts

Many people love to browse online shops and add items they like to their shopping carts. However, many people will hesitate to purchase those products in their cart. Sometimes all they need is an extra push in the right direction. A few things you can do are to simply remind them their items are waiting for them. If an item in their cart is selling quickly, you can remind them to purchase it before it’s gone. You can even offer them a discount on the items in their cart.


Another way to help customers decide what to purchase is to make them aware of your best-sellers. Everyone wants to know that a product they are spending money on is reliable and effective. Compiling a list of just a few best-sellers might help drive even more sales for that product.

Holiday Discounts

One of the most popular email marketing ideas for your supplement line is holiday promotions. Offering large discounts during the holidays is a great way to drive sales. Holiday sales are effective because many people are already planning on spending money. Offer them gift ideas by putting together 2 or 3 products that work well together for a deal they can’t refuse.

Use GIFs and videos

Once you have your promotion planned out, you need to create content that is fun and engaging. Email newsletters can get boring, so a couple of ways to spice them up are to include GIFs and videos. Not all email platforms support GIFs, but if they do, they can be an exciting way to engage with your subscribers. For more marketing tips, read our article, “Marketing Must-Haves for a Successful Business“.