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Matsun Nutrition is a best-in-class private label manufacturer of liquid supplements and liquid vitamins. If you’d like to add a liquid prenatal supplement or liquid prenatal vitamin to your product line, you’ve come to the right place. Even if you already have a liquid prenatal dietary supplement in your assortment, you should consider trying one that’s manufactured by Matsun Nutrition. We manufacture both custom formulas and a line of our own liquid vitamins and supplements. Matsun Nutrition is widely regarding as the country’s leading manufacturer of liquid vitamins and supplements because we have more than 20 years of nutraceutical industry experience. Our customers have trusted us for over two decades to provide them with safe, high-quality custom and stock products. Why wait, get a quick quote now!

Our Success

Why has Matsun Nutrition succeeded in the nutraceutical industry for so many years while so many of our competitors have failed? We attribute our success to our competitive prices, unparalleled quality, and industry expertise. We encourage anyone who is interested in our products to click on the “Get a Quote” button. We respond to requests for quotes within 24 hours. We also do not require large minimum order quantities. Our pricing is transparent and we would be delighted to share it with you.

Incomparable Quality Assurance

In addition to our competitive prices, our products also offer unparalleled quality. We manufacture everything in our FDA inspected facility, which is located in the United States and is cGMP certified. We are compliant with all federal and state regulations. Additionally, we are compliant with NSF International, which ensures that the strictest quality standards are met. Matsun Nutrition’s expert staff can guide you through the private labeling process whether you are new to the business or an expert. We have the best customer service department in the industry, hands down.

Easy For Start Up Supplement Companies

Whether you are starting a brand new private label program or are looking to expand an existing program, Matsun Nutrition will be a key component for your success. We know which products will help your customers and boost your bottom line. We stay on top of industry trends and share that knowledge with our customers. For example, are you aware that our industry is experiencing a boom in the prenatal vitamin and prenatal supplement business? If you don’t have a prenatal dietary supplement in your assortment, you’re missing out. Nearly all women take at least one prenatal vitamin formula during their pregnancies—that’s nothing new. What is new is that women want to know more about the safety and quality of their prenatal supplement.

Our Sales Are Skyrocketing

Matsun Nutrition’s prenatal dietary supplement assortment is selling at unprecedented levels now because of this trend. Pregnant women know that they can trust a prenatal vitamin and a prenatal supplement from us because we’ve been in the business since 1992. You can sell our prenatal dietary supplement with confidence because you know that we hold ourselves to a higher standard than most of our competitors.

Your customers will feel safe, knowing about the strict quality and safety standards to which we hold ourselves. In addition to feeling good about the extraordinary quality of our liquid prenatal vitamin and liquid prenatal supplement assortment, our sales are going through the roof because our customers love taking their prenatal dietary supplement in liquid form. Not only are liquid supplements more easily absorbed than traditional pills, but they are a welcome change from the oversized pills that some women take to meet their nutritional needs.

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We encourage you to request a quote now, simply by clicking on the orange “Get a Quote” button. Alternatively, you can give us a call at (888) 866-5755 or email us at

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