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Folic Acid for developing babies

Folic Acid for developing babies

Folic acid is the man made product of folate, it is used by our bodies to help with the production of red blood cells that your body will be needing if you are trying to become pregnant or are already pregnant. It is important to be getting enough folate prior to becoming pregnant because of its ability to help boost the production of red blood cells that the developing baby will be needing to help it develop normally and healthy. According to the CDC the average woman should be getting upwards of 400 mcg of folic acid a day, especially when they are planning on becoming pregnant or already are. The CDC gives this amount because folic acid is a water-soluble vitamin and therefore passes through the body quickly so taking it everyday ensures you are getting enough folate.

Understanding Folic Acid

The British Dietetic Association has said that “folic acid is very important for women and also plays a major role in the synthesis and repair of DNA and RNA, rapid cell division and growth, hearing loss due to aging and the enhancement of brain health.” A common birth defect that is related to a folic acid deficiency is spina bifida, also known as split spine where the spinal cord cannot form properly so it is vital to be getting enough folate.

Trying to become pregnant or being pregnant isn’t the only reason to ensure one’s getting enough folic acid in your diet. Another reason often to be sure you are getting enough folic acid is the continued overall health of blood.  If you are not getting enough folic acid there are certain types of anemia known as folate deficiency anemia. Showcasing the availability of these products on your shelf and site can give you a huge advantage against competitors that don’t have products that offer folic acid.

Finding foods that are getting enough folate to you can be a tedious affair for your clients, that’s why we have a prenatal supplement that is perfectly blended to ensure enough folate is getting to the developing baby to help them end that search before it even begins.

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