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Health Tips from Around the World

It can be both fun and beneficial to find out what lifestyle and health habits are practiced around the world. Here are a few health tips from around the world listing things that are working for just a few places.


The people in Iceland eat a lot of fish with omega-3 fatty acids. This is an essential fat that our bodies cannot make on their own but can get from the food we eat.

The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, people are known for riding their bikes everywhere. It may not be practical to ride your bike everywhere but riding it every day or as often as you can is great exercise and a great place to start. The diet in the Netherlands avoids a lot of processed food and consists of food that is well-balanced like dairy, nuts, vegetables, fruits, and fish while avoiding things like red meat, salt, and sugary drinks.


Slow down when eating and eat at set times each day. Enjoy your food and let your metabolism digest at a steady pace.


Food is an extremely important part of Italian culture. They spend hours preparing meals. The people of Italy eat a lot of fresh produce and cook a lot of their meals with the produce they grow or purchase. This allows them to get the best vitamins and minerals from the food they eat.


The people in Japan have a reputation for being in shape and never aging. The health tips from Japan are a combination of things previously listed. They eat a lot of fish with Omega-3 as part of their meals. Japan loves Sushi! They also eat a lot slower, especially while eating with chopsticks and they use smaller dishes for their food. This prevents them from overeating, which is something many of us do.

Overall, there are so many different lifestyles and ways to live. Something that works great for someone may not be ideal for someone else but striving to live healthier will always be beneficial. It can be fun to read about different health tips from around the world and maybe just one tip can be applied to your own life.

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