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How Biotin Benefits the Body

When talking about Biotin and how it can benefit the body it is best to begin by looking into where Biotin comes from. B vitamins come in many forms, one namely being Biotin and is a key nutrient that is commonly found in beef, eggs, salmon and pork. Biotin plays an important role in speeding up how the body metabolizes glucose, amino acids and other fatty acids. Essentially, they create a catalyst in the body for us to get energy from our foods. This gives us an improved metabolism, skin health and helps with weight loss and maintenance.

Often times Biotin deficiency isn’t very noticeable, nor is it always a cause for concern. Biotin deficiency signs often include thinning hair, and are often times mistaken as signs of aging. Brittle nails, nails that tear or break super easy. We’ve therefore created the perfect supplement to combat these deficiencies individuals may experience. Biotin plays an important role in our Skin Rescue & Renew supplement, created exactly for combating hair thinning, brittle nails and as an extra bonus we’ve also added phytoceramides (which help with the prevention of moisture loss benefiting an individual’s overall skin health).

Often times there is a preconceived notion that you treat outside ailments from the outside by treating the area with topical products. Our Skin Rescue & Renew promotes healthy skin, hair thinning reduction and stronger nails from the inside by providing your body with the nutrients it needs to strengthen these areas. Lacking the proper supplements and vitamins is a common factor in these symptoms.

Other Findings

In a case study “Treatment of brittle fingernails and onychoschizia with biotin” the effects of biotin were assessed for 6-14 months in a group of women with brittle and splitting nails. Over the course of the study nail thickness increased upwards of 25%. After 4-5 months they also reported having firmer nails.

A similar study went to test hair health and found that while on a 3-5 mg a day of biotin after 4 months hair health had improved. “The evidence supporting the use of biotin supplements to support skin health is equally limited to a small number of case reports…showing that 100 mcg to 10 mg/day resulted in dramatic improvements in rash or dermatitis as well as alopecia.”

How Biotin Benefits the Body

Knowing all the areas Biotin plays an important role helps us understand why we use it and why we need it in our diet.

  • It boosts our metabolism by extracting energy from our foods and is vital for our body to continue to work properly.
  • Biotin is one of the essential components our body uses to regulate healthy skin and hair and nails.
  • Health optimizer, Biotin synthesizes a large number of vital components that are important in maintaining optimal health for our body.

Looking at how our body uses Biotin we are able to see how it impacts many aspects of our life. If you’re looking for that extra boost in glowing radiating skin, stronger nails and healthier hair Our Skin Rescue & Renew packs the ultimate punch.