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How the Instagram Algorithm Works

How the Instagram Algorithm Works

When Instagram first launched, posts were displayed in reverse-chronological order. The newest posts were shown first while older posts were further down. However, this is not the case anymore. In 2018, Instagram launched its new algorithm. This has left many people wondering how it works and how to get others to see your content. Here is how the Instagram algorithm works.

How does it work?

When the algorithm first started being used, many people thought that Instagram was hiding posts. This is because people were seeing posts from the same few people. However, Instagram clarified that if users scroll down far enough, they will be able to see every post from people they are following. So, what determines the posts you see first? You do. Instagram shows you posts from the accounts you engage with the most.

What is engagement?

Posts are ranked on every user feed based on engagement. The more you like and comment on posts, the more you will see from that user at the top of your newsfeed. Instagram does this to keep your newsfeed unique and tailored to you. Not only will posts with the most engagement appear at the top of your newsfeed, but at the top of your stories as well. You will need to keep this in mind when posting your content.

Ways to beat the algorithm

Engage with others – One of the best ways to get engagement on your content is to engage with others. Engaging with others helps build a community with your followers and they will be more likely to engage with you back. Not only that but having a community of engaged followers will also attract new followers who want to become a part of what you have to offer. Another way to engage with your followers is to use captions that encourage engagement. Ask your followers questions or tell them to share something about themselves.

Post often – Posting often will help with your engagement on Instagram. The more you post the more people can engage with your content.
Quality content – Posting often is not all there is to it, however. You will also need to post quality content that captures the interest of your audience and is worth viewing. If your goal is to grow your community on Instagram, learn more about photography. Use good lighting and pay attention to the principles of design.

Videos – A feature becoming more popular on Instagram is stories. They are a great way to capture the interest of your audience because they start playing automatically and users are more likely to stop and watch.

Use stories – Just like the almost forgotten Snapchat, Instagram has also implemented stories on their platform. These stories only last 24 hours, but they are a great way to connect with your audience. They are great for showing behind the scenes, reminders, and other content that does not fit the aesthetic of your feed.

Giveaways – One sure way to get engagement on your posts is to host giveaways. This can be a fun way to reward your followers and even gain new followers.

The algorithm can be a pain to workaround, but it is possible to grow your community and share your content with others. Knowing how the Instagram algorithm works is the best way to ensure success for your business. To get started with marketing and selling your own liquid supplements, check out the article here.