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How to Private Label Supplement Products and Private Label Vitamins in 5 Easy Steps!

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Learn How to Private Label Supplement Products

Learning how to private label supplement products is easier than you think.  Did you know that you can private label vitamins and supplements to make them retail-ready without changing the ingredients? Do you want to know how to private label products? Here are some top steps to help you in private labeling supplements.

  1. Design Customized Company Label

The first step is to have a custom label designed. Your label should be unique and simple. A unique logo will make your clients associate more with your brand. Remember that the company logo should not be complex so as to put off potential customers from trying your private label supplements. A simple logo that sends out a clear message to your target buyers should be encouraged. If possible, involve experts in designing the company logo. How to Private Label Supplement Products

  1. Get Labeling Permission from Relevant Authorities

The next step to learn how to private label supplement products is getting certification documents from relevant local authorities in your area. Custom supplements regulators such as cGMP and NSF should issue you compliance certificates that will enable your private label supplements to sell without much problem. Your company label should also be scrutinized by relevant authorities to find out if there are any other companies with similar label offering same services within your area. If yours is unique, then you will be given a green light to continue with the private label process.

  1. Set a Minimum Number of Supplement Bottles to be Private Labeled

After getting a green light from relevant authorities, the next step on how to private label products is setting a minimum number of supplement bottles that you will be private labeling at any given time. In most cases, the minimum number is usually 12 bottles of liquid supplements. In other cases, especially when private label vitamins are involved the number is set at 100. Having a minimum number of supplement bottles that wholesale buyers can order from you for private labeling will help you in regulating the number of company brand names.

  1. Ensure the Private Label Supplement Content Is Not Changed 

Private label supplements should not have the ingredients changed in any way. Remember that this fourth step on how to private label products is important in view of the fact that the only brand name should change and not the content of the supplements. Private labeling is all about giving wholesale buyers and resellers of liquid supplements a unique brand label for selling their products. This fourth step is perhaps the most important when placing private labels on vitamins and other liquid supplements.  Rather than trying to figure out how to private label supplement products on your own, it’s best to consult a professional supplement manufacturer.

  1. Place the New Label on the Private Label Supplement Bottles

The last step is to place the newly designed company label on each and every bottle supplement as ordered. This can be done manually or by use of specially crafted equipment. For large-scale private label vitamins, you will need to use a machine to place the company labels on the bottles. This is in great contrast to cases whereby only a dozen supplements are to be private labeled. In this case, you can private label the products by hand.

Learning how to private label supplement products involves multiple steps.  Hopefully, these steps on how to private label supplements will be helpful as you look for ways of making your wholesale buyers and retailers happier. Remember to take on every step with the seriousness it deserves when you private label your products.

Learn How to Private Label Supplements