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Private Label Liquid Dietary Supplements and the Aspects of Dietary Supplement Manufacturing

Private Label Liquid Dietary Supplements and the Dietary Supplements Manufacturer

There has always been this question of whether private label liquid dietary supplements are better than capsules and pills. Dietary supplement manufacturing firms do not give the answer to this question and in most cases, the dietary supplements manufacturer will advise you to consult a doctor to get the answer. If you are one of the many people who seek the answer to this question, then this is the right place for you as everything will be spelled out for you. You might also be interested in knowing the private label dietary supplement manufacturing process and how these supplements are bottled. The information below will discuss every aspect of dietary supplement manufacturing.

Absorption Rates for Private Label Liquid Supplements

If you take a private label liquid dietary supplement, you are more likely to benefit at a faster rate than when you take a solid dietary supplement in the form of pills and capsules. This is because liquid supplements are instantly assimilated in the in the blood due to the form they get consumed in. Therefore, the benefits of liquid supplements are much greater and almost instant than when you take supplements in any other form. This means that if you want to gain instant benefits from supplements, which I believe everyone does, consider the liquid dietary supplements rather than the solid dietary supplements like capsules and pills. Our bodies need essential nutrients and in most cases, the foods we take do not have all these nutrients. Therefore, consider taking dietary supplements to boost the nutrient levels in our bodies and the best option here is liquid dietary supplements.

Concentration of Dietary Liquid Supplement Ingredients

Private label liquid supplements have more concentrated ingredients as compared to solid supplements. This is one of the reasons why the results of a liquid supplement can be seen within a very short time as compared with one who has taken solid supplements. This is because liquid supplements contain all the ingredients written on the bottle. On the other hand, solid forms are denser and cannot accommodate many ingredients, making their effectiveness lower than the liquid form.

Private Label Liquid Dietary Supplements

Density of Supplement Amounts Absorbed

Most liquid nutritional supplements contain flavoring and other additives while on the other hand, very few pills and capsules contain such additives. This is the reason why liquid supplements contain a sweet taste. This means there is added sugar, which lay in the group carbohydrates. As a result, the carbohydrates enhance nutrient absorption and stimulation of the digestive system. This ensures that most of the nutrients in the liquid supplement are taken up by the body. This is all different when it comes to solid form supplements like tablets, pills, and capsules as most of their nutrients are not absorbed in the body due to lack of the added carbohydrates. This implies that most of the nutrients are wasted and do not help the body in any way.

Dietary Supplement Manufacturing Process Essentials

The dietary supplement process is very complex.  Due to this, the private label dietary supplements manufacturer should ensure that the manufactured product meets potency, composition, and purity standards. The manufacturing process is as sophisticated as the bottling process. The manufacturing plant should contain the tank and blending facility which should be built and designed to be ideally suited to the requirements of the dietary supplement manufacturing. The tanks should be made of a material that is rust free like stainless steel to prevent contamination of the supplement. The tanks should also be big enough to accommodate batch sizes of wide ranges. The specialized pasteurization and blending equipment should make the most complex ingredient combination work well.

The operation of bottling the dietary supplements should be complex enough to accommodate a wide range of packaging configurations. The system should also contain multiple filling lines to enhance the ability to pack products in plastic and glass bottles from small sizes to large packaging. A great dietary supplements manufacturer ensures that the manufacturing system has got a cooling system that has a water spray cooling tunnel that can be used after filling products at pasteurization temperatures. The in-line and rotary filling operations should allow the private label dietary supplements manufacturer a great versatility in cap and bottle types combinations. It should also allow a broad range of labeling and coding options in order to allow the dietary supplements manufacturer to meet the diverse requirements of the brands that are manufactured.

From the information above, it is clear that liquid supplements are better than solid supplements. Hence, if you want immediate results from supplements, consider taking liquid supplements.