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Matsun Nutrition – Best Sports Supplement Manufacturers in the USA

Countless brand owners have come to trust Matsun Nutrition as their best sports supplement manufacturers, simply because of their unique ability to deliver great supplements, with an exceptional suite of brand building services. Although sports supplement manufacturing does not require approval from the FDA, Matsun Nutrition being the leader in liquid supplement manufacturers in the USA ensures that all their products are made using FDA’s current liquid supplement manufacturing procedures and practices to ensure the quality and safety of their products. They are currently located in Murrieta, California where over 40 types of liquid supplements are manufactured. This facility uses state of the art technology with a full NSF registration and GMP compliance.

What We Do and Our Sports Supplement Manufacturing Services

Matsun Nutrition manufactures and stocks a full line of liquid vitamins, health supplements among others. With over 20 years of combined industry experience, you can rely on their team to deliver finished products, which you will be proud to customize with your private label. They have a unique special program that helps their client start their very own liquid supplements company with a minimum of just 12 bottles.

Sports Supplement Manufacturers

 Sports Supplements Manufacturing

Although Matsun Nutrition offers a wide range of liquid and vitamins supplements and other primary services such as packaging and labeling, sports supplement manufacturing is one of their specialties that have proven to be different. This is simply because there has been an increase of black market sports supplement manufacturers who have included potentially dangerous ingredients in their products.

Matsun Nutrition has had its place in sports supplement manufacturers, for formulating their products with natural ingredients ranging from proteins, starches, and vitamins among other unique ingredients by making sure that their products are tested to ensure total safety for athletes and other sports activities.

 Why Choose Us

All their programs allow you to jump-start your business, with immediate market entry. You do not have to encounter setting up plants, hiring employees, and sourcing raw materials and ingredients, or developing new formulas.

  • As sport supplement manufacturers, they provide you with custom labeling, label designs, time schedules and shipping details for every order. This means that everything is done for you, beginning with the custom formulation, label design, packaging, and logistics.
  • They will provide consultation and guidance all the way through to make sure that you are on the path to success.
  • They take their products very seriously; that is why their facility is GMP certified. At every stage of their sports supplement manufacturing process, they conduct quality control checks.
  • Their suite of optional brand-building services is designed to save you money, time and stress involved in supplement and vitamin manufacturing along with marketing.
  • Matsun Nutrition understands that pure and appropriate formulated supplements are critical to athlete performance which is why they make sure that their products are of high-quality standards with the freshest of all ingredients possible.

There are many reasons as to why you should choose them as your sport supplement manufacturers, and these are just but a few facts that differentiate Matsun Nutrition from other sports supplement manufacturing companies. To get started fill out their quote form and let them provide you with all your liquid vitamin and supplement manufacturing services you may need. They will for sure be ready to discuss your needs as per your supplement product line.

Sports Supplement Manufacturers