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Matsun Nutrition on the Best Nutraceutical Manufacturers List

Best Nutraceutical Manufacturers List

Matsun Nutrition is a liquid nutraceuticals company based in the USA which features prominently in the best nutraceutical manufacturers list. We are a credible and reliable company that you will find when looking for a manufacturers list of nutraceuticals, not just in the USA, but worldwide. We specialize in the production of private label supplements to our customers. We make the best supplements and vitamins in the market. We are also a full-service contract manufacturer. Our services are extensive and carefully designed to address our customer’s needs.

Top Notch Services

Our services are top notch and we have a reputation of being in the liquid nutraceuticals industry for over 20 years. Over the period, we have developed a high credibility among our customers and in the whole market. Our products are of high quality and all of our customers can be assured of excellence when they fill a quote form with us. Having been at the top of the manufacturer list of nutraceuticals for a long time has extended our services to the whole world. We make shipments both locally and internationally.

Best Nutraceutical Manufacturers List


Our customers are guaranteed of many benefits when they do business with us. Our variety of liquid nutraceuticals caters for both people and pets. This means our variety covers all types of liquid vitamins and supplements on the market today. Our products also cover natural food extracts to cater for customers who look for natural supplements. We make it on the best nutraceutical manufacturers list because we follow regulations and thus have both NSF registration and GMP compliance. We have a locally located state of the art manufacturing facility where our products pass through strict quality control guidelines.

Our prices are extremely competitive in the market. Our products are of high quality and we have some of the best-selling products in the market manufactured at Matsun Nutrition. Our services also extend to making custom label designs and doing private labeling for all our customers. By placing our customer’s private labels on the bottles, we make them retail ready thus reducing costs and saving time for our customers. We also do efficient shipments and our logistics team offers the best possible services.

Small Minimums

We make sure that our customers get the best deal of our liquid nutraceuticals by maintaining a small minimum order. The minimum bottle order for private labeling supplements is 12 bottles which make it really easy to get started. We sell the best products and we are in the best nutraceutical manufacturers list. Customers can also expect us to serve them according to their needs. We listen to the specific needs of each customer and manufacture products tailored to address the specifications of the customer.

When looking for a liquid nutraceuticals company to serve you, look for a manufacturer list of nutraceuticals and choose Matsun Nutrition. We are in the best nutraceutical manufacturers list. We trust you will enjoy our services and find them to be the best in the market. Start placing your order with us today.

Best Nutraceutical Manufacturers List