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Matsun Nutrition Rewriting the Rules of Top Vitamin Manufacturers in the USA

Today, top vitamin manufacturers do not only offer top vitamin manufacturing for your private label business, but they also offer extra services to help startups run smoothly and succeed without being overly commanding. The top vitamin manufacturers also provide individuals interested in selling private label supplements with advice and solutions that give individuals and businesses market advantage over its competitors. Matsun Nutrition is one of the top vitamin manufacturers that go beyond supplement formulations to help startup businesses compete with multinationals on a fair platform by providing startups with extra services and helpful advice, which ensures that individuals get their maximum benefit from their businesses. Why wait, get a quick quote now!

Located in Murrieta, California, Matsun Nutrition is a one of the leading top vitamins manufacturers with a rich supplement manufacturing history that spans over 20 years. Matsun Nutrition was started as a top vitamin manufacturing company offering premium liquid alternatives to the traditional capsule, pill and powder supplements. Furthermore, being a pioneer in liquid supplements was not enough for the company, but it has continued to invest in state of the art facilities and highly experienced staff to ensure distributors and retail stores obtain maximum benefits from their businesses in three easy steps. With Matsun Nutrition, almost everyone can start a private label business offering endless supplement options without investing large sums of money due to the low minimum requirements.

Small Minimums

Unlike other top vitamin manufacturers, Matsun Nutrition allows small businesses and individuals to start selling their own brand names starting with as low as 12 bottles as a minimum order. The low minimum order makes it possible for businesses to sell any formula of their choice from the endless possibilities available. Some of the supplements that you can source from Matsun Nutrition include antioxidants, amino acids, energy and fitness, glucosamine, brain health, multivitamins, prenatal, weight loss and pet products among others. In addition to the 12 bottles minimum order, the company also offers contract manufacturing with as low as 800 bottles minimum order, which enables businesses to expand their products as the business grows.

Furthermore, instead of being content with the low minimum orders, Matsun Nutrition seeks to outperform other top vitamins manufacturers by ensuring the manufacturing facilities are all cGMP and FDA compliant, in addition to being NSF registered. Unlike other top vitamins manufacturers that only use internal quality control measures in their manufacturing processes, the company also ensures its supplements meet or exceed all government regulations and guidelines to ensure that customers get the highest quality supplements possible. The company also makes sure that every placed order is processed as quickly as possible, through its top vitamin manufacturing quality fulfillment and package process, which ensures supplements are available whenever needed.

Our Staff

Every order at Matsun Nutrition is carefully inspected, reviewed, labeled and packaged to ensure the supplement arrives in perfect condition. Furthermore, unlike other top vitamins manufacturers that let small businesses and individuals handle their supplements, the company helps its clients gain market advantage by negotiating shipping rates for greater benefits. Other services offered by Matsun Nutrition that makes the company the best among other top vitamin manufacturers include in-house research and development for custom formulations and in-house label design. Moreover, above these services, the other reason you should only choose Matsun Nutrition as your top vitamin manufacturing contractor in the USA is the team of highly trained technicians, researchers, production and designers staff to help you achieve your goals. The staff will ensure that everything is perfect from product formulation to color, taste, bottling, labeling, and packaging.

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