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Matsun Nutrition: The GMP Contract Manufacturing Company with Low Minimums

Today, rather than create in-house manufacturing capabilities, businesses are opting to partner with GMP contract manufacturers to benefit from their GMP contract manufacturing experience, state of the art facilities and proven reliability. Selling GMP supplements from GMP contract manufacturers positions your business to succeed in the highly competitive market as the manufacturers have the capacity to efficiently and cost-effectively develop, validate and manufacture high quality supplements that meet stringent timelines and specifications. Over the last few years, the supplement industry has made huge strides toward GMP compliance, but there are some infractions that continue to hinder the process especially in GMP contract manufacturing. It is important to note that choosing one of the best GMP contract manufacturers like Matsun Nutrition will help convey confidence and trust to your customers and thus, sell easily. Why wait, get a quick quote now!

USA Dietary Supplement Manufacturers

Matsun Nutrition is one of the best companies offering GMP contract manufacturing in the USA with a wide range of products that include nutraceuticals, vitamins and nutritional dietary supplements. With over 20 years of experience in supplement manufacturing, the Murrieta, California located company has remarkably grown to offer broad GMP supplements that range from amino acids to brain health, antioxidants, energy and fitness, glucosamine, multivitamins, prenatal, weight loss and hair, skin and nails products among others.


The company’s astonishing growth is as a result of its commitment to help startups succeed. The company understands that to many individuals, selling GMP supplements can be a bit tricky due to the lack of experience and capital to market the supplements. To help businesses overcome this challenge, Matsun Nutrition has put in to place one-stop, full service GMP contract manufacturing that offers everything you may need to succeed from startup resources to custom formulations. Furthermore, unlike other GMP contract manufacturers that require you to commit substantial amount of capital on your GMP supplements order, at Matsun Nutrition you can start your business with an order as low as 12 bottle minimum or sell custom formulations with a minimum order of only 800 bottles.

It’s Easy

The company further understands that getting into GMP contract manufacturing does not have to be complicated like other GMP contract manufacturers would make you believe. At Matsun Nutrition, you can start to sell your private label GMP supplements in only three easy steps. To get started, you only need to send your formula or request for one, the company will then apply your existing label or create one for your brand, and lastly schedule production, fulfill your order and ship it out. It is also important to note that if you do not have an existing label, you can request Matsun Nutrition to create a unique label for every supplement you order from the company at no cost.

Matsun Nutrition’s GMP supplements are also subjected to strict quality control measures in a FDA and cGMP compliant state of art facility. The strict quality control measures are put in place to give you a peace of mind as you order knowing that your vitamins and supplements only contain quality ingredients. Manufacturing processes at Matsun Nutrition are like no other. The company carries test batches and small run pilot-batches in the in-house research and development laboratory to help ensure continued customer satisfaction.