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Nutraceutical Contract Manufacturing and Their Process

Nutraceutical Contract Manufacturing At a Glance

Nutraceutical contract manufacturing is the process of formulating products for the dietary supplement industry. Nutraceuticals contract manufacturers provide all sorts of services pertaining to nutritional products, liquid supplements, and services. The manufacturers help the dietary industry for bringing a product to market, for formulating a product, for controlling the quality and above all for manufacturing and selling the product. There is no restriction on the form in which you wish to launch your nutritional product in the market.

Nutraceuticals contract manufacturers help you produce your products in different forms such as powders, liquid supplements, blends, tablets, hard shell caps, and more. The nutraceutical contract manufacturing process takes care of your packaging needs. Pouches, bottles, unit doses, blister packs, and more are the commonly available packaging services for wholesale buyers and resellers. Supplement manufacturers give you flexibility in choosing the time frame and quality as per the budget constraint. You can either be a start-up or a big player in the field of liquid nutraceutical vitamins and supplements. This makes the manufacturing process no different.

Contract Manufacturing Process Of Liquid Supplements

Nutraceutical contract manufacturing has several processes for liquid supplements manufacturing. This part of the article tells about the way nutraceuticals contract manufacturers carry out the whole process. Most nutraceuticals contract manufacturers deal with both solid and liquid supplements. Some nutraceutical contract manufacturing firms deal in only liquid supplements. It is always better to consult the liquid experts. Most of the firms have huge experience in the field in manufacturing both. You can choose either of the manufacturers without hesitation. In the consulting process, you need to tell the manufacturers about the type of product that you want to launch in the market. You can talk about the quality, packaging, marketing, sales, and everything that you want from the manufacturer.

Nutraceutical Manufacturing Research

The manufacturers are equipped with in-house laboratories to conduct research in the field of nutraceutical manufacturing. The product is designed through research, while the research is done to ensure the customer satisfaction. Above all, your product should provide the benefits that you want to provide your end consumers. Initially, the product is launched in the pilot basis. The firm gets feedback from the customers to ensure the quality of the product.

Custom Supplement Testing

The nutraceutical contract manufacturers work on the formulation that you want for your product. After a successful formulation of the product, you get the sample for custom testing. The stringent procedures ensure the exact quantities demanded by you for the formulation of the product. There are some pre-researched formulas that you can also use for launching your new product provided you are satisfied with the formula. There is no restriction on the packaging size of the product that you wish to receive.

Liquid Supplement Flavor Sampling

The taste of the supplement has got a lot to do with its intake by the end consumers. You can choose the right kind of flavor and color that you want for your supplement in the liquid form. You can either choose from the existing flavor or you can ask for some new flavors. The research team for the manufacturer works on producing a new flavor for you. You get the flavor sampling right before the launch of your new supplement. In every stage of flavor formulation, the manufacturers go by your standards.

Life Stability Testing

All supplements in liquid form have the life stability on each product. It depends on the manufacturer to decide on the life stability of the supplement. The manufacturer does the testing of the product as long as the life stability of the supplement is considered. This phase of manufacturing ensures you not to be worried about the unexpected expiry of your supplement.

Supplement Bottle Labeling

The manufacturing firm takes care of all sorts of the graphic design that you wish to put on the package of the supplement. You can put your company logo on the package. Some of the firms provide this service for free under certain conditions.

Supplement Formulation for Humans and Pets

It is not only human beings who are deficient in vitamins and mineral but also pets. There is no restriction on what supplements in a liquid form that you wish to formulate. The manufacturers are waiting for your order to manufacturer supplements based on your consultation.


The nutraceutical contract manufacturers not only produce liquid supplements for you but also they have storage facilities for your products. You can directly distribute from the contract manufacturers storage facility or any other way you choose.

Nutraceutical Contract Manufacturing