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Nutraceutical Products Manufacturer and the Liquid Nutraceuticals Industry

What is a Nutraceutical Products Manufacturer?

A nutraceutical products manufacturer provides products to the retailers and wholesale buyers involved in the multi-billion dollar nutraceuticals industry. These can include liquid nutraceuticals, pills, capsules, bars or just about any other form that nutraceuticals take. A nutraceutical is something made from what are termed healthy food sources. The word itself combines “nutra” or food with “ceutical” or drug. The ingredient of the particular plant or food that has a therapeutic or medicinal value of some sort is what a nutraceutical provides. They either help relieve symptoms of disease or conditions, help prevent health problems or promote overall wellbeing.

Growth in the Nutraceutical Products Industry

A nutraceutical products manufacturer can be found throughout the globe. The industry in the United States alone is expected to exceed $75 billion by 2017. It is one of the hottest growth sectors in the world. Dietary supplements and the food and beverage sectors, including liquid nutraceuticals, are the key growth components driving the market. Many companies are or will be merging as the nutraceuticals industry continues to consolidate. The U.S. market is driven by the increasing health consciousness of the American consumer. People are looking for ways to control conditions such as high blood pressure, weight, and diabetes by using natural foods and liquids rather than prescription drugs or injections. The constant reports regarding the adverse side effects of many drugs on the market today help to drive the consumer to the nutraceuticals industry and the wide range of products and supplements that can assist.

Nutraceutical Products Manufacturer

The global growth too has been phenomenal. The industry only really started in the 1990s, less than 25 years ago. The first ten years it was growing about 7.3%. Then, beginning early in the 21rst century, the growth rate doubled and has remained in the double digits for over a decade.

The FDA & Nutraceutical Products Manufacturers

There are three major segments for nutraceuticals in the U.S.: dietary supplements, functional food and functional beverages. The liquid nutraceuticals have the lesser market share of the three, with over 1/3 dominated by the dietary supplement sector. Even so, over $10 billion was spent on solid nutraceuticals like nutrition bars and liquid nutraceuticals like sports drinks in 2013.Dietary supplements are mostly found in liquid, capsule, powder or pill form. In January2014 the FDA issues guidance on liquid nutraceuticals, specifically on liquid dietary supplements versus beverages. The guidelines were directed at the nutraceutical products manufacturers to help them determine if a liquid as a beverage of dietary supplement. There are regulatory issues that a nutraceutical products manufacturer must concern themselves with to meet FDA guidelines. The guidance included reminders to all nutraceutical products manufacturers about FDA ingredient labeling requirements, which is often the focus of media attention. These issues can be complicated and require careful attention by the manufacturing companies in order to meet the regulatory demands.

Liquid Nutraceuticals, Powders, Pills, Etc.

The attraction of nutraceuticals to the public is the potential health benefits. Governments all over the globe are beginning to regulate foods and even intakes by consumers in areas such as public school lunch programs. These efforts are, in effect, free marketing for the nutraceutical retailers since the products provide numerous possible health benefits such as helping the body’s immune system, antioxidant assistance and help with losing, gaining or maintaining weight in a healthy manner. The nutraceuticals industry has a wide and growing range of sources and types of nutraceuticals that the companies must stock. Wholesalers or retailers must find the right nutraceutical products manufacturer that can supply them with their ever-changing needs. There is a wide range of different labels that wholesalers will likely want to offer their customers. There is a constant influx of new products and claims that become overnight sensations and in demand throughout the wholesaler’s client base.

The Nutraceuticals Industry – Research & Development

A vertically integrated nutraceutical products manufacturer is often the best equipped to meet the needs of their retail and wholesale base. If they are vertically integrated, then each step of the manufacture-to-store-shelf process is all under one roof. This includes sourcing, quality control, manufacturing, testing, and marketing, distributing and selling. Most senior management involved in the nutraceuticals industry too is a bit different from the average products or manufacturing company. The best nutraceutical products manufacturers are passionate about what they do. They are familiar with all the terms and trends and started early in the nutraceuticals industry. One of the key areas that the nutraceuticals industry must focus on is research and development. Product testing and verification of claims are critical in order not only to ensure regulatory requirements are met but also to ensure that there no unintended consequences associated with any of the products and their claims.

Fortunately, the nutraceuticals products industry is not going to experience major downturns anytime soon.  Give us a call today to get a quick quote!