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Dietary supplements are categorized by the FDA as food substances. These are products that have nutritional value and are consumed in order to complement the diet and especially private label dietary supplements. Almost 53% of all Americans of adult age consume supplements for one reason or another. Of these, most of them do not actually need to take dietary supplements since they are already catered for in the diet. They can also be taken in order to achieve a certain health goal such as reduce weight or help in building lean body mass. Whatever the case, it is essential to know the composition of supplements before you buy them.

Dietary supplement manufacturers will normally indicate the contents of the product on the label. This is to ensure that the consumer knows what they are purchasing. This is of course a major requirement by the FDA and they must follow it. False claims about the contents may lead to legal action and the closing down of that manufacturing firm. One should also be careful not to buy liquid dietary supplements that they do not need and end up overloading the body. Multivitamins and mineral supplements are especially dangerous if consumed in large quantities.
Consumption of dietary supplements

In 2006 alone, the total amount of sales in private label dietary supplements in the United States was $22.1 Billion. Of these, Vitamins and minerals accounted for about $7.2 Billion. The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 defines supplements as substances that are meant to complement the diet, contain one or more elements e.g. vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids or their constituents, is intended for oral use and is labeled as a supplement. The FDA is in charge of ensuring that dietary supplements are manufactured in a quality manner and accurately labeled and also do not contain contaminants and impurities.

Liquid Dietary Supplements

These are supplements that have been made in liquid form. Liquid dietary supplements may include protein shakes and also multivitamins taken in liquid form. They should be appropriately labeled so that you can tell which ingredients are in the mix and what they help the body with. This information should also be real and well researched and not just empty claims. Each dietary supplement manufacturer knows that they should abide to these rules. The consumer should be very careful when buying private label dietary supplements to ensure that they have benefits and will not bring them harm.

Adverse effects of supplements

One should know that even the best liquid dietary supplements have negative effects. Whether you intend to use them to lose weight or build muscle, you should proceed with caution. Private label dietary supplements can be especially dangerous when consumed in large quantities over a long time. They could cause mineral and vitamin toxicity. This is why every dietary supplement manufacturer should indicate in the container that they should not take precedence to food. For this reason, it is very important to choose an experieced manufacturer of private label supplements.  People who choose to live on supplements and do not eat food get very many adverse effects and deficiencies. Only real food can give one minerals, vitamins, proteins and energy in the right proportions.

False Claims

Dietary supplements manufacturer companies are known to make false claims about their products. This has led to many problems and especially in people who largely use supplements to replace food. Liquid dietary supplements have been known to cause liver damage in the long-term. One may not know what causes this effect but the supplements have to be taken with caution. Whether one is using them after recommendation from a dietician or a prescription from a weight-loss expert, it is crucial to take the right amounts.

Choosing The Right Dietary Supplements

Choosing the right dietary supplements will involve a lot of care and consultation. Some of them actually do work but its best to try the most natural ones. This is because herbal-based supplements do not pose a huge threat to you as do chemical ones. Those with claims of reducing weight in one week are obviously fake. Look for those supplements that have realistic claims and which will help you to become more strong and healthy. One should never abandon food so that they can live on supplements since they cannot provide all the body’s nutrient requirements. One should take them in combination with a healthy well-balanced diet.