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Private Label Nutraceuticals Business – Expand Your Reach

Learn How to Grow Your Private Label Nutraceuticals Business

If you want to expand your dietary supplement business. Call us today….To expand your private label nutraceuticals business look for a manufacturer such as Matsun Nutrition that offers a turn-key solution to meet the strategies of your clients.

The private label nutraceuticals business involves food and dietary health supplements that are usually produced in bulk. By arranging packaging and custom branding, the company provides these formulations to others for marketing under a private labeling brand, you can create your very own line of liquid vitamins and liquid supplements. Many products are in the form of liquid nutraceuticals. Most of these formulations are well-established products in the market and offer natural solutions to people with health problems such as obesity, arthritis, lack of mental concentration. These products are safe and effective for children as well as elderly people.

Private label nutraceutical manufacturers usually have well-established laboratories for testing and development of nutritional formulations. Well established private label nutraceutical companies also use GMP compliant facility, which is NSF registered and FDA inspected. Their products have established their presence and position in the market. Their special capabilities focus on bulk manufacturing and not marketing the product. If you want to market your own brand, private labeling also offers customization (also known as white labeling).

More about Private Labeling

The customers of private labeling products are those companies which are into the marketing and sales of nutraceuticals and vitamins. These firms do not invest into manufacturing nutraceuticals directly, but rather they source the formulations from private label nutraceutical factories. These types of supplements being produced are based on each manufacturer’s standard formulations or can be custom made/modified to meet customer specifications. These can be slightly different in formulations due to additional ingredients or mix of ingredients. The manufacturer also carries out nutraceutical private labeling for specific graphical model and packaging. Most of the supplements are manufactured as liquid nutraceuticals and some are available in capsules form.

Benefits of Private Label Nutraceuticals

Using nutraceutical private labeling offers several benefits to its clients, such as well-researched and clinically tested products. The best advantage of using private labeling is the availability of reliable health supplements that have been tested for their beneficial effects and safety. Their laboratories are FDA-inspected and GMP compliant, which gives an assurance of quality work done under strict standards.

Focus On Sales and Marketing

Since private label nutraceutical companies are generally bulk manufacturers, their focus and investment is into establishing manufacturing facilities, development and testing laboratories, house formulations and experienced manpower. Therefore, as a client, you do not have to invest huge sums of money in establishing a manufacturing unit, hiring manpower and supervisors etc. This gives you time to focus on your core competencies. Your focused energy is in marketing these products and expanding your business.

Customized Formulations

Another major advantage of using nutraceuticals private labeling is customization of products. All you have to do is select standard formulations from reputable private label nutraceutical manufacturers or ask them to modify formulations as per your requirements. Then just adhere you own private brand label to the bottle and you’re up and running. Your clients will return to your company or web site to reorder your high-quality liquid nutraceuticals helping to build your business and repeat clients. They also offer white label design work for free and your supplements and vitamins are ready for sell in your business or online stores.

Directly getting it manufactured by bulk manufacturer Private label nutraceuticals can also reduce your product cost, prices can be negotiated further while placing repeat order and increase in quantity. Private Labeling has been very effective in increased referrals, awareness of business practice, client awareness and increased sales.

Good Customer Service

Good customer service is the backbone of any industry, and liquid nutraceuticals industry is no exception. It offers efficient customer service that offers prompt response to all your queries. We value you as our esteemed client and bring to you our excellent products and services.

Wide Range of Products

Private label nutraceuticals has very large portfolio to choose form: some of the supplements are Advance Complete Multiple Supplement, African Mango Supplement, Antioxidant Supplement, Attention Supplement, B- Vitamin Supplement,B5 Acne Supplement, Calcium and Magnesium Supplement, Children’s Advance Multiple, Children Multi-Vitamin, Colloidal Silver Drops, Colloidal Silver Spray, Energy Shot, Folic Acid, Garcinia Cambogia and green Coffee Bean, Glucosamine Advanced, Glucosamine Supplement, Glucosamine Vegetarian Supplement, Glucosamine Balance Supplement, Hair skin Nails, Immune Balance, Mental Boost Supplement, Prenatal Multi Vitamin, Raspberry Ketones, sleep Aid drops, Vitamin B-12, Vitamin D3, Whole Food Multiple, Woman’s Multiple and more. Apart from above, pet supplements are also available.


Private label nutraceutical companies are the front runners in a wide range of liquid supplements. Whether you want to enter into the industry of health supplements, or are looking for a change in your existing manufacturer, liquid nutraceutical manufacturers can provide you a wide range of high-quality dietary supplements all under one roof. Your clients will always be assured of quality products and your success will be reflected in an upward trend of sales and profits.