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Responding to Negative Feedback about Your Supplement Line

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Responding to Negative Feedback about Your Supplement Line

In any business, you will deal with bad reviews and negative feedback from your customers. The same is true for those in the dietary supplement business. That is just the way it goes. While you do not get to choose how your customers react to your products, you do get to decide how you respond to it. Here are some tips for responding to negative feedback about your supplement line.

Acknowledge every issue

One of the most important things you can do is to acknowledge every customer. Never ignore a customer because it sends the message that you do not care. Every customer is valuable and should be treated as such. Even if a customer did not like a specific product, good customer service can leave that customer happy. Who knows, maybe they will even return to try out another product from your company! Many experts even suggest rewording their issue back to them when you reply so they know you understand and acknowledge their concerns. Doing this can go a long way.

Apologize to customers

Almost everyone has heard the saying, “the customer is always right!”. While it may not be true, you should always treat every customer as if they are right. One way to do this is to apologize for any issues they may be having even if these issues are out of your control.

Discuss the issue with customer privately

If the customer’s issue is not as simple as something that can be answered in a few sentences, be sure to have them get in contact with you so you can resolve it. A long response will only come off as defensive and look bad to the reviewer and other potential customers.

Make improvements

If you are continually receiving more bad reviews than good, it may be time to make some changes. Are your customers all complaining about the same things? If so, your answer to what you can improve on is right in front of you. Every business needs to learn how to adapt and grow. That is how they stay in business. This could be anywhere from changing the flavor of a product, the design of a bottle, or even the design of a label.

By responding to negative feedback about your supplement line appropriately, you are telling those customers and future customers that they matter. Your unhappy customer may even change their bad review just because of the great customer service you provided. To learn more about setting up a liquid supplement line, read the article here for more information.