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The Effects of Too Much Sugar on the Body

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The Effects of Too Much Sugar on the Body

Sugar is hiding in many places where you think that it is least likely to be. This is because, in the world today, many products have added sugar to them. While added sugar is okay when eaten in moderation, due to it hiding in many foods, people tend to eat unhealthy amounts of it. So, what does this added sugar do to the body when too much is consumed? Continue reading to learn more about why too much sugar is bad for the body.

Why Too Much Sugar Is Bad

Weight Gain

In the world today, the rates of obesity have been rising over the years. The added sugar that is in certain drinks is thought by many to be one of the main causes of this epidemic. Sodas, juices, and sweet teas contain a lot of fructose, which is a simple sugar. One study found that consuming this sugar, as opposed to glucose, the sugar in starchy foods could increase your hunger and desire to eat. The study also found that excessive fructose consumption may cause leptin resistance. Leptin is a hormone that regulates hunger and tells your body to stop eating. With both of these combined, sugary drinks won’t leave you feeling full, but instead, leave you wanting more to eat or drink.

Heart Health

Heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. High-sugar diets have been associated with a number of diseases, heart disease being one of them. In addition to that, a study among over 30,000 US adults found that people who consumed 17-21% of their calories from added sugar had a 38% greater risk of dying from heart disease. They were compared to those who only got 8% of their calories from added sugar.

Just one can of soda contains around 52 grams of sugar. This is around 10% of your daily calorie consumption. If you already drink one soda each day, you are already over the recommended 25- 37.5 grams or 100-150 calories. This is why it is important to avoid sugary drinks as much as possible and choose healthier alternatives.


Those who eat a diet that is high in refined carbs, with sugary foods and drinks may have an increased risk of developing acne. This is because foods with a high glycemic index, like sugary foods, raise your blood sugar quicker than foods with a low glycemic index. Studies have shown that diets with foods that have a high glycemic index had a greater risk of acne than ones with a low glycemic index. One population study showed that those who lived in rural areas who ate mainly non-processed foods had less acne than those who lived in urban areas where many foods have added sugar. In fact, the odds of boys developing acne in these small villages were 85% lower than those in the city.


As previously mentioned, foods high in added sugar can raise your blood sugar quicker than the foods without as much added sugar. This spike in blood sugar can lead to increased energy. However, one problem with this energy is that it only lasts for a short amount of time. This can lead to a sudden drop in blood sugar which is also known as a crash. To avoid this, instead choose foods that are lower in added sugar, but have high amounts of fiber. One way to keep your energy stable is to pair carbs with protein or fat so you can keep your blood sugar stable as well.

Liver Health

Unlike many of the other types of sugar such as glucose that are taken up by the cells throughout the body, fructose is mainly broken down by the liver. This sugar is converted into energy or stored as glycogen. Unfortunately, the liver can only store so much glycogen before the rest turns into fat. Too much of this and you overload your liver which leads to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), which is an excessive fat buildup in the liver. One study of over 5,900 adults showed that those who drank a sugar-sweetened beverage such as soda, juice, or tea daily, had a 56% higher risk of developing NAFLD compared to people who didn’t. While it is okay to occasionally have a sugar-sweetened beverage, if you consume one too often, you are at risk of many health complications.


When it comes to why too much sugar is bad, there is a lot that comes from getting too much sugar due to many foods containing excess amounts. In order to avoid this, you need to choose foods that do not contain as much added sugar and avoid sodas or other drinks that contain more than you should get in a single day. Be sure to check out this article to learn about The Importance of Eating a Balanced Diet.