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Weird Fruits You May Not Know Exist

Everyone knows about apples and bananas, but the world is full of an insane variety of fruits. Here are some weird fruits you may not know exist. While a lot of these are popular in certain areas, other parts of the world have no idea they exist.


This fruit is one of the funniest looking ones around. It looks almost like a hairy sea urchin. When peeled, it looks almost exactly like Lychee and has a delicious sweet flavor. This fruit has about the same amount of fiber that can be found inside an apple, orange, or a pear. It is also full of vitamin C and copper and about 5 can give your body up to 50% of the daily vitamin C it needs.


Although popular in places like Hawaii and Japan, many do not know about this delicious fruit. The skin on this fruit is peeled off to reveal a sweet, grapelike fruit with a seed in the middle. Similar to Rambutan, this fruit contains a lot of fiber and vitamin C.


Found in southeast Asia, this fruit is known for its awful smell. The fruit has even been banned from public transportation in some areas due to the smell. The fruit is covered in a thick, spiky shell that must be sliced open to get to the fruit inside. Everything on the inside of the fruit can be eaten, although the seeds do need to be cooked. Durian has been known to help with digestion due to the amount of fiber it contains.


Also found in southeast Asia, this fruit has a more unique look than most. Mangosteen has dark purple skin with a bright white fruit in the center. The healthy fruit is known to help fight bacteria in the body while providing fiber, vitamin C, and folate. The fruit itself can be expensive to purchase but can be found as a juice or in supplements. Check out Matsun Nutrition’s B5 Skin Care that uses this fruit to improve skin health. Liquid Health’s Skin Rescue + Renew is a great product for this as well.


Known in many places as the “Ice Cream Fruit”, this fruit can be found in places like Ecuador or Peru. The fruit looks a little like an artichoke. They have a very delicious and creamy flavor that is best described as a combination of pineapple and banana. However, the seeds of this fruit are toxic and should not be eaten. Cherimoya is rich in both vitamin B and C. It also contains antioxidants like acetogenin.

cherimoya fruit on a tree branch in weird fruits you may not know exist

There are so many other weird fruits you may not know exist out there. These were only a few!