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What Are Private Label Nutraceuticals and How Are They Changing the Supplement Industry?

So, what are private label nutraceuticals?

Private Label Nutraceuticals Defined:  Private label nutraceuticals are nutraceutical lines developed for companies to establish a specialized brand in the dietary and nutritional supplements market.

Nutraceuticals are substances considered as food and provide more health benefits such as disease prevention in addition to providing normal nutritional value. For example, turmeric is known to contain curcuminoids which are powerful antioxidants. Curcuminoids also perform an anti-inflammatory function thus offering support for the body. They also lend circulatory and immune support. Other examples of nutraceuticals are lycopene and beta carotene. Private label nutraceuticals are usually contained in medicinal formats such as tablets, capsules, powder, or liquid and come in a prescribed dose.  Now that you know what are private label nutraceuticals, let’s see what else we can learn.

Why do companies sell private label nutraceuticals

After learning what are private label nutraceuticals, we next want to find out why people buy and sell them.  One benefit is that private label nutraceuticals assure customers a reliable source of functional food. There are many manufacturers of dietary supplements in the food and medicine industry. Before the introduction of the private label nutraceuticals service, distributors would only sell nutritional supplements using the manufacturers’ names. Today, however, companies can find an experienced nutritional supplement manufacturer that is FDA-inspected, NSF-registered and GMP-compliant to help them develop their own nutraceutical brand. Customers are comfortable and confident in using products with labels. Therefore, if a company sells private label nutraceuticals, it can be assured that customers will keep coming back for more of the product.

Looking for the best private label nutraceuticals manufacturer?

The development of a high-quality PLN is the beginning of business success. You can only get such products through renowned manufacturers. The manufacturer has an approved facility and skilled and experienced staff for the development of the product. In-depth research, product analysis, and quality control testing enable the production of outstanding products that give the distributing company an edge in the nutraceutical market. The manufacturer also offers business development services for the private label nutraceuticals thus pushing the chances of business success significantly higher. The private label nutraceuticals service provides an assurance of staying abreast with the trends in the nutrition supplements market.  As you can see, it’s not only important to know what are private label nutraceuticals, but it’s also extremely important to find a quality nutraceuticals manufacturer such as Matsun Nutrition.

Philosophy behind nutraceutical supplements

According to Hippocrates, the father of medicine, food should be our medicine. This suggests that the food can provide a physiological benefit. Some foods have been studies and proven to offer protection against chronic diseases such as cancer. The philosophy behind nutraceuticals is focusing on prevention. Nutraceuticals are sometimes referred to as functional foods that are taken as part of the normal diet and are produced in a standardized manner under good manufacturing practices (GMPs). Due to the increasing demand for nutritional supplements and the competition between supplement producers and distributors, companies are better placed in the market when they have their own brand of supplements.

Potential health benefits of nutraceutical supplements: Why people buy nutraceuticals

More than 6 billion people across the globe depend on the healing power of plant–based materials because they are available, affordable, and safe. These materials have attracted more interest over the years and have resulted in the increased use of nutraceuticals. PLNs have a plethora of roles including cell proliferation, antioxidant defenses, safeguarding cell integrity, and gene expression. Therefore, private-label nutraceuticals have played a great role in improving health. Users can avoid life-threatening diseases by postponing the aging process, and modifying indications of oxidative stress such as allergy, cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, eye conditions, cancer, obesity, and Parkinson’s diseases.

Are nutraceuticals drugs, food, or something else?

Due to the growing evidence that functional foods play a greater role in maintaining health and treating diseases, nutraceuticals have obtained recognition as both food and drugs. Whichever the private label nutraceutical- nutrient, herb, or dietary supplements you choose, all are used as food and considered essential in diet but perform disease prevention functions alongside basic nutrition. Therefore, nutraceuticals are all types of food or parts of food; ranging from the chicken soup that’s used to reduce the discomfort caused by common cold to folic acid that helps to prevent spina bifida. Other private label nutraceuticals include bio-engineered vegetable food (a very effective antioxidant), and pharmafood.

Private label nutraceuticals: A must-have

In the current fast-paced nutraceutical market, it is imperative for companies to partner with a manufacturer who can help your distribution firm stay ahead of its competition. After knowing the preference of customers, developing a private label nutraceuticals is a major stride towards customer satisfaction. The most significant advantage of having a private label nutraceutical product is that you can build and use a product brand instead of your personal brand. Private label nutraceuticals are a simple, fast and effective method of marking your arc in the market and presenting yourself in the best manner to the target audience because customers believe you took part in the manufacturing of the product.  So, the next time someone asks you “what are private label nutraceuticals”, just tell them to give Matsun Nutrition a call.