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What Sports Nutrition Manufacturers Are All About

What Makes Sports Nutrition Manufacturers Different

Sports nutrition manufacturers, also commonly referred to as sports supplement manufacturers help athletes, sportsmen, and exercisers improve their performance, well being, muscle growth, health, and muscle recovery by manufacturing helpful sports nutrition products.  The majority of these nutrition products including liquid sports supplements, are mostly formulated with natural ingredients that range from proteins to starches, minerals, and vitamins among other unique ingredients. Unfortunately, most people usually confuse them with performance enhancing drugs due to the increase in black market products that have been banned for use by popular sports regulatory bodies.

Liquid Sports Supplement Manufacturers and Their History

Sports nutrition manufacturers have been selling various types of sports supplements throughout the ages.  It is imperative to note that products that claim to increase testosterone or any other hormone are deemed medicinal and thus, not allowed for sale as food supplements. Therefore, unless you are buying black market products, there is a clear legislation that protects athletes from misleading claims and potentially dangerous ingredients. It is also important to note that the history of sports nutrients pre-dates 500BC when athletes in the Ancient Olympics recognized the need to eat massive quantities of bread, meat, honey, dried fruits, and various herbs and fungi in an attempt to improve their performance.

Sports Nutrition Manufacturers

However, the modern sports nutrition products are believed to have begun in 1940 with the establishment of Weider Nutrition. The establishment of modern sports supplements at the time was mainly due to increased demand by strength athletes and bodybuilders for convenient, high-quality and nutrient dense sources of nutrition. Also during that time, scientists had already realized that performance can be improved by increased intake of carbohydrate. This development can be highlighted by the fact that first-scientifically nutrition sports products were composed starches, sweets and sugary drinks.

How are Sports Nutrition Supplements Manufactured?

Sports supplement manufacturers in the sports industry manufacture their products in accordance with internationally-recognized quality control standards. The manufacturers adhere to an ISO9001 standard, which involves an extensive audit and full traceability of all involved procedures. The standard also requires suppliers to be ISO registered.

The procedure requires all records of every batch of raw material received to be kept including who opened and packed the container and when it was made. The supplier is required to ensure a proper chain of custody from when raw materials are received to the time when the product is delivered. Testing of the product should also be done at the receiving facility before production can start. Some sports nutrition manufacturers go a step further and ensure their products are tested by third party testing facilities to ensure they are totally safe for use by athletes.

Types of Sports Nutrition Products

– Powdered Bars, Drinks, and Foods

Powdered protein, foods, energy bars, and liquid sport supplements are some of the most popular sports nutrition supplements. Typically powdered products from some sports nutrition manufacturers contain some form of gelatin, beef, egg, soy protein, milk, and simple sugar from oats, wheat or corn. Some products may also contain micronutrients such as minerals, vitamins, creatine, amino acids, and certain herbs.

– Carbohydrate Drinks

Carbohydrate liquid sports products are the best known nutrition supplement products. Sports supplement manufacturers manufacture carbohydrate drinks from starch, sugar, minerals, water, sweeteners and colors. Some products are sold in powder form to be rehydrated by an athlete with water.

– Protein Powders

Most protein powder products are sold in powder form to be mixed with milk or water. These products are perfect for athletes involved in heavy exercise as they are convenient source of high quality protein.

– Amino Acids

Amino acids are used for recovery, repair, and growth of muscle for hard training athletes

– Creatine

Creatine is a helpful product that helps your body increase lean body mass

How Sports Supplement Manufacturers Promote Their Liquid Sports Supplements

Over the last few years, liquid sports nutrition manufacturers and sports supplement products have witnessed tremendous growth in the market. This growth of sports nutritional products in recent years can be attributed to increased market awareness on the benefits of taking nutritional supplements. Traditionally, nutritional sports supplements were a reserve of the professional athletes but that has changed as more people begin going to gyms.

To achieve this remarkable growth, manufacturers have used various methods to capture the interest of athletes. One of the methods has been to market their products by sponsoring a successful athlete as a testimonial of the benefits the nutrient supplement offer. The other common practice is to promote their products as safe for use by athletes. One of the major reasons why athletes fear taking sports nutritional supplements is when they deem the product as not safe enough. Athletes get punished for using prohibited products and thus, in order to get approval of athletes, manufacturers use internationally recognized independent testing bodies to ascertain their products as free of contaminants and prohibited ingredients.