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What To Sell on Amazon – Supplements & Vitamins

What to Sell on Amazon – Target Your Demographic

With the abundance of vitamins minerals and other dietary substances that can be purchased at a wholesale price. Many wholesale buyers and resellers of liquid vitamins and supplements, may not know what to sell on Amazon as far as ideal Amazon supplements and Amazon vitamins goes. However, in this overview, we’ll take a brief look at some strong indicators, that may give you some insight into why targeting vitamins or supplements that fall under two of the most popular categories of the pharmaceutical industry, would be an ideal target demographic to focus on, as far as the type of liquid Amazon vitamins and Amazon supplements that you should purchase at a wholesale price to resell on Amazon.  We can even help customers in the United Kingdom (UK) and Australia (AU) and other countries outside the USA.

Anxiety and Depression Category – Amazon Supplements and Amazon Vitamins

The first category we will take a look at is the anxiety and depression category. As you may already know, Xanax is the most prescribed drug in the world. To put things in retrospect, experts estimate that doctors write as much as 60 million prescriptions of Xanax every year. Since xanax is primarily used for its anti-anxiety, anti-depression effects, one can use this information to determine, that there are an abundance of anxiety and depression sufferers out there. However, many individuals who suffer from anxiety and depression may not necessarily, want to experience the negative side effects that are associated with Xanax. Some side effects include hemorrhages, seizures, and strokes, just to name a few. As such, it comes as no surprise, that Google’s keyword tool proclaims that thousands of searches occur for phrases like “safer alternatives to Xanax”, and “relieve anxiety naturally” and more.

As such, by reselling vitamins on amazon that offer anxiety/stress relief, you are bound to receive a decent return on investment. Here is a brief overview, of three effective vitamins that you can purchase at a wholesale price, which alleviate anxiety.

1) Kava Root Liquid Extract – An Amazon Supplement

One Amazon supplement you can consider reselling, is kava root liquid extract. Kava is a supplement that can be purchased wholesale that comes from the kava plant’s root. It has been categorized by the medical community as having strong, anxiolytic “anti-anxiety” properties. A study that was conducted on the effects that kava had on individuals who had general social anxiety, demonstrated that standardized liquid kava kava, may be a moderately effective solution for the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder.

2) Valerian Root Liquid Extract

Many people who have stress and anxiety, have a hyper active nervous system that causes them to display physical signs of anxiety such as twitching, fidgeting and heavy breathing. However, sedatives in particular causes the nervous system to relax. As such, a relaxed nervous system in individuals who have anxiety will equate to a reduction of their symptoms. Valerian root extract in particular, has been categorized as a mild sedative that has been proven to be effective at alleviating anxiety.

3) Passion Flower Liquid Extract

The reason why anti-anxiety medications work so well, is due to the fact that they stimulate the GABA A receptors in the brain. Once this has been stimulated, it releases high levels of GABA, which essentially causes the body to relax by lowering the brain’s activity. However, passion flower, can help to stimulate the brain’s GABA B receptors. While the effects that it has on boosting the brains levels of GABA is not as effective as the GABA A receptor’s ability to do that, the effects are still profound, nonetheless.

Cognitive Enhancer Category – Amazon Vitamins

Another category you can focus on as far as what to sell on Amazon goes, are cognitive enhancers. Experts estimate that amphetamine,”adderall, ritalin” quota, increased from 417 to 9,007 kilograms in a 10 year period. What that means is that adderall and ritalin usage shot up by 2000% over a span of ten years. Using this data, one could presume that the need for enhanced focus and memory retention are continuously rising based on the fact that many people proclaim that they use amphetamines like adderall and ritalin for this very same purpose. As such, amazon supplements or amazon vitamins, that can help to enhance focus “cognitive enhancers,” can prove to be a highly desirable product in the eyes of amazon shoppers.

4) L-Theanine

L-theanine is the main active ingredient within green tea. As far as what to sell on amazon that enhance focus goes, it can prove to be a very potent ingredient in amazon vitamins. Many prominent universities, have conducted studies that have proven that L-theanine is one of the most effective natural substances that actually crosses the blood brain barrier and increases focus.

5) Creatine

Another ideal cognitive enhancer based on amazon supplements you should consider reselling as a wholesale buyer of vitamins and supplements include creatine. This is a nitrogenous organic acid that naturally occurs within animals. In an abundance of documented studies, the medical community has demonstrated that it can help to increase focus, due to the fact that it helps the brain to utilize energy that is being received from the body more efficiently.