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White Label Nutritional Supplements and Liquid Products

Benefits of making your own private white label nutritional supplements and liquid vitamins

Private label liquid supplements, also know as white label nutritional supplements and nutritional products, work much the same as any other privately-labelled products. In a private label program, a manufacturer licenses a particular product for sale by another company, typically a retailer. That company then applies a custom label to the product and markets it as its own. Private label supplements are merely a manufacturer’s supplement with a retailer’s custom label on it.

There are numerous economic benefits for a company that takes advantage of a manufacturer’s white label supplement program. Firstly, the company has the opportunity to sell a high-quality supplement that is ostensibly their own. Unless the supplement is particularly distinct, only the most astute customers are able to determine the original manufacturer, and such customers could not reasonably condemn such an economical, profitable practice.

Many companies cannot afford to manufacture their own products, especially in the early stages of their development.  This is where white label nutritional supplements and vitamins become a great option.  Secondly, the company generally has a great deal of freedom in the actual labeling of the supplement (assuming the label is in compliance with applicable laws and regulations). Additional logos, taglines, or information are at the company’s discretion.

White Label Nutritional Supplements Liquid Products

The company can thus market the supplement in the manner it sees fit. Finally, a company that uses a privately-labelled supplement is more likely to retain customers. When consumers purchase a sleek, private label supplement and are satisfied with the results obtained therefrom, they will likely associate the supplement with the particular retailer whose logo appears on the label. Accordingly, they may choose to do business with that retailer again. The retailer has thus (hopefully) attained a steady customer.

Matsun Nutrition offers an extensive white label nutritional supplements program. Choose from our selection of over 30 high quality, natural liquid supplements, and we will do all of the custom label design work for free. Our design team will work with you to create a label you will love for a product your customers will love.

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