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Wholesale Supplement Distributors – Choosing the Right One

Guide: Choosing Good Wholesale Supplement Distributors & Suppliers

When it comes to purchasing liquid supplements in bulk from wholesale supplement distributors and reselling them for a profit, it is up to you to ensure that the supplements that you are reselling are safe. Occasionally, we come across a news article that contains a story about a supplement provider who got into trouble with law enforcement officials, simply because of the fact that their wholesale supplement suppliers included a chemical within their supplements that they did not tell the wholesale buyer. Unfortunately however, when a situation like this arises, it is not the wholesaler who usually gets into trouble, but rather the reseller. As such, when it comes to purchasing liquid supplements or any supplement in bulk for that matter, you need to ensure that you select a wholesaler, who passes a set of factors that ultimately determine their competence. In this overview, we’ll take a look at factors that every competent wholesale supplement supplier should have. Use this as a guide when it comes to choosing the right wholesale supplement distributors.

1) Wholesale Supplement Distributors – Established History

The first thing you need to do when it comes to evaluating the competence of any list of wholesale supplement distributors that you may have been contemplating on utilizing, is their years of establishment. In the wholesale supplement industry, it is not uncommon for a company to be shut down within a few months of operating due to a legal conflict. As such, the last thing you want to do is to purchase from a supplier, who gets shut down 3 months later for distributing contaminated supplements. On the other hand, a company that has established and maintained a firm foundation in the wholesale supplement suppliers business sector, will undoubtedly value their business and as such, ensure that they adhere to the guidelines and laws of their country in regards to their business.

2) Liquid Supplements – Quality Control

Quality control is another important factor to consider when it comes to choosing an ideal liquid supplements wholesaler. While it may be true that no company will admit that they have a poor policy in regards to quality control, there are several ways you can ask about their quality control policy, without asking a direct question. For starters, one thing you can inquire about is the type of operations the facility conducts. For example, some wholesale supplement distributors may manufacture, research chemicals, or other substances within the same facility as their supplements. When wholesalers do this, the risk for contamination is high. As such, inquire about the operations that the wholesale supplement suppliers conducts within their facility.

3) Cost Effectiveness

The drop-shipping business has a tarnished reputation for offering products that they proclaim that you can resell for a profit, when in fact, it is either difficult to sell their products for a decent return on investment, as well as the fact that their pricing allows for a very small, unfeasible profit margin. The same thing can be said about some wholesale supplement suppliers as well. Once you have found a list of liquid supplements wholesalers, ensure that you research the perceived profit margin you expect to receive from each company, before you make a purchase. Meaning, compare what they are selling, at the price they are selling it for, in comparison to its actual market value and thus your profit margin.

4) Wholesale Supplement Suppliers – Order Minimum and Turn Around Times

Another important factor to consider before you sign the dotted line for any liquid supplements wholesaler, is their policies in regards to order minimums and turnaround times. You need to assess the scale of your operation and how much you intend to sell, and compare it to their order minimum requirements. For example, while some wholesalers may only implement an order minimum each time you make a purchase, some may have a monthly order minimum policy that incurs a penalty if the reseller cannot maintain that agreement. Additionally, due to the fact that running out of stock, not only hurts your sales, but your business reputation, which can be detrimental to the entire foundation of your business, you should evaluate their turnaround times, as well as their policies regarding a failure to meet those turnaround times.

Some other factors that you need to consider when it comes to choosing the right wholesale supplements distributors include:
* Do they give resellers the opportunity to take a tour of their facility ?
* Do they offer peripheral services that would make your business flow more efficiently?
* Are they compliant with the FDA’s standard in regards to maintaining a sterile and safe facility?
* Do they have a history that entails an investigation from the FDA or a civil lawsuit?