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Why Choose Matsun Nutrition As Your Preferred USA Nutraceutical Corporation Or Contract Manufacturer?

Are you looking for a reliable USA nutraceutical corporation? Do you desire to work with a reputable nutraceutical company? Or are you searching for a firm that is experienced in nutraceutical business? If you are, then you have certainly found the right place. The truth is that the nutraceutical and contract manufacturing industry has become a big business today. More and more people are seeking health supplements for personal use as well as for their pets. However, unless you deal with the right firm or contract manufacturer, you are less likely to enjoy the full benefits. This gives you more reasons as to why you need to talk to Matsun Nutrition.  Submit your quote now and you will receive a link to download our free eBooks!

Who Are We?  

Matsun Nutrition is a nutraceutical company and is regarded as a leading USA nutraceutical corporation when it comes to nutraceutical business and private label contract manufacturing. We are based in the city of Murrieta in southern California and have been in existence for more than 20 years. After observing the vitamin and supplement industry, we noticed that some things were lacking. One, it wasn’t easy to come across a reputable company or private label manufacturer. Two, liquid vitamins and supplements were almost non-existent. Three, finding the right contact manufacturer wasn’t easy. These are some reasons that led to the establishment of Matsun Nutrition.

What Services Do We Offer?

As a top USA nutraceutical corporation we are committed to offering the best nutraceutical services and products. To help achieve this we have to constantly research the market and also come up with the best products and services for any nutraceutical business. Our company understands that needs vary from one user to another depending on health requirements, personal preference, industry trends and more. To achieve this we offer a range of services, these include contract manufacturing, our private Label support program and much more. You can visit our website at to find out more about our services.

Why Us?

Finding a nutraceutical company or contract manufacturer in the field of nutraceutical businesses may look simple on paper, however, it is not. When searching for a USA nutraceutical corporation you want nothing short of excellence. Our company assures you of quality service and products because of several reasons. One, we are regarded as a leader because of our more than 20 years of experience. Two, our products have been certified by the FDA, NSF registered and are cGMP compliant. Three, we offer a variety of services which include natural, prenatal, energy shots, pet supplements, multivitamins and more. Four, our customer service is exceptional and we also offer low minimums. Five, We have unlimited custom formulas (40 plus), as well as low wholesale pricing.

Finding the Right USA Nutraceutical Corporation for You

Finding the right USA nutraceutical corporation or company shouldn’t be a struggle. You don’t have to settle for substandard or lower grade liquid vitamins or supplements. Also, you shouldn’t risk working with a nutraceutical company that isn’t experienced or certified by the relevant authorities. What you should do is contact us today by filling our quote form and we will get back to you soonest possible. You may also call us via (888)866-5755 or send us an email through Don’t be left behind, take your nutraceutical business to the top by filling out the quote form. You can start by visiting to access the form and learn more about our company, services and products.

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