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Why Private Label Prenatal Vitamin Manufacturing Is Great for Startups!

Private label prenatal vitamin manufacturing is on the rise.  If you are considering starting your own business, you cannot go wrong with selling a private label prenatal vitamin and supplement. Almost every woman takes a prenatal liquid vitamin at one point during pregnancy period and thus, building your brand around private label prenatal supplements offers you a ready market that you can easily tap into.

However, like all other vitamins and supplements, the safety and quality of a prenatal liquid vitamin is paramount in ensuring the safety of the mother and the child. It is also imperative to note that pregnant women take a prenatal vitamin to supplement their bodies with essential vitamins and minerals that help ensure the good health of their child and hence, the need to ensure that every product you are selling is of high quality. You can ensure that your products are some of the best in the market by sourcing from Matsun Nutrition.  Why wait, get a quick quote now!

Our Quality Guarantee

One of the main reasons why you should source your private label prenatal manufacturing from Matsun Nutrition is the quality guarantee. How many private label prenatal manufacturing companies offer a guarantee that what you are buying is of high quality and of great nutrition value? Although great strides have been made in the industry to ensure the quality of prenatal supplement products through certifications, some manufacturers are not committed to the process. According to the FDA, some manufacturers use improper testing methods or an insufficient batch to test their products resulting in misleading specifications. At Matsun Nutrition, you can be assured that every prenatal vitamin product contains exactly what is on the label thanks to their strict quality control measures.

Professional Consultation

In addition to the strict quality measures, the company also offers extensive private label prenatal vitamin manufacturing, development, and consulting to help you succeed. The team of experts at Matsun Nutrition can help you with researching and developing the exact formulation that you would like to sell to your customers. Some of the services offered at Matsun Nutrition to help you launch a new product line include research and development, custom blending, flavor sampling, test batching and bottling of the finished liquid supplement. The company also has the ability to custom manufacture, formulate, and blend batch sizes to create private label prenatal liquid vitamin products that are viscous, thick slurry and low viscosity in a wide variety of bottles that range from 1 oz. to 32 oz. bottles.

USA Private Label Prenatal Vitamin Manufacturing

Furthermore, you can be assured that your prenatal vitamin products are manufactured in a state of art manufacturing facility in Murrieta, California that is FDA and cGMP compliant. In addition to being FDA and cGMP compliant, the facility is capable of handling any size order from small sample items full-scale scale production for multinationals. In fact, you will struggle to find a reputable company with the history and experience of Matsun Nutrition that accepts lower minimum orders than the low 12 bottles minimum order for private labeling and 800 bottles for custom formulations.

Additional Liquid Supplement Manufacturing Services

Moreover, to help ease the contract manufacturing process, Matsun Nutrition also offers additional services that can help simplify the ordering process and even help lower the cost of production. One of the popular additional services offered by Matsun is a free label design for every product you order. The company also offers amazing logistics and shipping options that help ensure products are available for stocking as soon as possible while being relatively cost friendly.

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