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Why we go Non GMO

Let’s start with understanding what a GMO is then you can begin to understand why we go non GMO. A GMO is a genetically modified organism. These organisms have had their genetic makeup artificially modified to become something new, that hasn’t happed in nature yet. By modifying organisms we are able to create different combinations of plants. Most of these have come about by trying to create plant life that can withstand certain herbicides or insecticides.

One of the biggest reasons we make an extra effort to go non Gmos is due to the fact that these organisms are often built to withstand Roundup. While roundup has shown to have no side effects on humans or other mammals it has shown to have effects on soil health. If we can’t keep using the soil for farming due to poor soil then we are in for a lot more trouble. By firmly believing in in a healthy future for your body and the earth we make sure to go above in making sure that we do not use these GMOs until there has been more research done and positive steps are taken to ensuring they have no long term side effects.

When it comes to GMOs there are still health concerns by healthcare professionals due to the fact that there is no independent research. Not having all the information is a gamble on individuals health. This is why we use non GMOs, so the client knows exactly what they’re putting into their bodies to ensure a more healthy and safe delivery method for the supplements they may be needing.

go non GMO

With there being questions of potential alterations to the human genome with GMOs we have taken a wide berth from GMOs. We do this for the fact that they are no independent long term studies of the effects of GMOs. Our goal is to improve lives not potentially jeopardize them. To continue to have a comprehensive line of natural liquid vitamins and liquid supplements available we intend to do just that, stay natural and healthy.

By taking the extra steps to ensure that all of our products we put into our supplements have not been modified we can give accurate, safe and predictable outcomes. Knowing what goes into the product hasn’t been altered makes for safer consumption. By using GMOs you eliminate the accuracy of what the supplements can do because we are unable to predict the long term effects of using products that have been generically modified. So when you are looking to have your product stand out in the market, make sure the clients know you supplements are non GMO.