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Why Work with USA Supplement Manufacturers

High Quality Supplements From USA Manufacturers

USA supplement manufacturers, also known as USA vitamin manufacturers or, USA nutraceutical manufacturers are often the go to supplement companies when you need to develop a custom liquid supplement for sale to your target clients. Although there are a good number of both USA based and foreign manufacturers seeking to help you develop your liquid vitamins and liquid supplements, it’s usually best to work with USA supplement companies. Here are some of the reasons why.

The Liquid Supplement Market

The United States leads in countries where people use liquid supplements for health and well-being. The reason for this is that most people’s lifestyles leave little time to prepare healthy meals or exercise. However, they still want to remain healthy throughout their productive years. So they resort to using liquid supplements to take care of this. It’s human nature for people to want to buy from their own rather than buy from a foreigner. A study conducted by the Boston Consulting Group in 2012 reports that Americans are more willing to buy products made in the USA than imported from abroad. This is even if the products cost 10% more than their imported counterparts. Interestingly, the case is also true for other countries including China, which has a huge market. This means that USA supplement manufacturers have an upper hand, as far as market preference goes for products made from different countries.



The Liquid Supplement Manufacturing Process

Each country has its rules and regulations that govern the manufacturing of supplements. The majority of USA nutraceutical manufacturers adhere to strict GMP and FDA regulations. These two authorities set the standards, which must be followed when manufacturing products to be consumed by the public. These manufacturing facilities follow strict codes with regard to hiring qualified personnel, ensuring that the labs follow rules regarding safety, and manufacturing products which are permitted by the FDA. What this means is that any formulation created by USA vitamin manufacturers will first be analyzed for safety before production starts. It will help your company avoid brushing with the law which will not only result in loss of investment but also a tainted image.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

It isn’t uncommon to hear of foreign supplement companies using bad manufacturing practices, such as employing underage children. By adhering to the strict GMP rules, USA liquid supplement manufacturers ensure that whoever is employed in their labs or manufacturing plants, meet the necessary qualifications. These companies understand what is at stake. Bad manufacturing practice will not only see manufacturers having their licenses revoked, but it might lead to legal action taken against them by clients, the government and even consumers.

Ease of Creating Your Supplements

Some of the liquid nutraceutical manufacturers require that you have your own custom formulation. This can be quite expensive with regard to sourcing the various ingredients and materials needed for development, trials and eventually mass production. The majority of the USA nutraceutical manufacturers have a database that contains hundreds of unique formulations. These range from single ingredient supplements to supplements containing multiple ingredients. Each formulation has been tried and tested for safety and effectiveness. This comes in handy if you don’t have a custom formulation but still want to source vitamins and supplements for sale under your brand. In addition, it cuts down on the costs you would otherwise incur to source the ingredients and have them tested before production commences.

Branding and Market Research

To remain in business, USA supplement manufacturers need you to remain in business. To achieve this win-win relationship, most USA vitamin manufacturers offer additional services in the form of market research, branding and even marketing. Once you approach USA nutraceutical manufacturers with your supplement idea, their first step involves looking at the market potential of your product. Many of these companies engage in continuous market research to identify emerging trends with regard to the demand for specific supplements. Branding is another additional service provided by US supplement manufacturers, including your logo, artwork and labeling. With regard to supplement labeling, they’ll help you keep on the safe side of the law by providing FDA approved labeling. Most manufacturers have a design team that will help you create a product that stands out among the competition. If you intend to enter the supplements market, working with USA nutraceutical manufacturers gives your company a better chance of reaching your target market with the highest quality products. Besides creating a safe supplement, these companies work with you to ensure that your product is well marketed and that it meets all legal requirements.