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Why You Should be using a L-Carnosine Supplement

There are many important building blocks that our body needs to stay healthy, one that doesn’t get a lot of air time today is L-Carnosine. L-Carnosine is a building block of protein that our body naturally produces. It aids in our muscle strength and it is also found in the brain and heart. Basically Carnosine keeps our body running smooth for muscle development in areas such as our hearts, brain and even the liver. We get it by having a healthy dose of meats, but if you’re not getting enough through normal diet, taking a supplement might just be that extra kick your body needs to stay healthy. We’re going to breakdown why you should be using an L-Carnosine supplement.

The Benefits

Another reason you should be using an L-Carnosine, supplement is your body is able to take in more oxygen, it can also reduce the damage that is caused from having a high sugar diet. Sugars bind with the protein L-Carnosine and cause less damage as the protein takes out some of the damaging aspects of too much sugar. Another great reason to include L-Carnosine into your diet is that it has superb antioxidant properties, helping to greatly eliminate those pesky free radicals.

why you should be taking a L-Carnosine Supplement

It is especially important to be using an L-Carnosine supplement if you are a strict vegetarian, not having meat in your diet drastically reduces the levels of L-Carnosine in your body and effects your brain and muscles thus resulting in feeling fatigued and tired all time.

There has been evidence “In animal studies, administration of high doses of carnosine reduced oxidative damage in the brain and blood during periods of high stress. In a study using rats made salt-sensitive with stress hormones, intravenous administration of carnosine decreased their blood pressure and reduced sympathetic nervous system activity in their kidneys” Showing us more proof that keeping a good dose of L-Carnosine can also help reduce toxic effects on the brain.

Another important factor to why you should be using an L-Carnosine supplement in your diet is that it can reduce the effects of aging. In the study Carnosine and Related Peptides: Therapeutic Potential in Age-Related Disorders “Carnosine is thought to counteract several mechanisms associated to aging process due to its presumable biochemical properties, including antioxidant, bivalent metal ion chelating, muscular proton buffering, anti cross-linking, and reactive carbonyl scavenger activities.” 

L-carnosine has a vast amount of benefits, it aids in muscle health and almost every other organ. Adding an L-Carnosine supplement to your diet is the next step. Another reason why you should be using an L-Carnosine supplement.

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