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Why you Should be Using a Liquid Supplement

Why You Should Be Using a Liquid Supplement

In the world today there are plenty of ways to be getting all the supplements you need. We can get them in many forms from tablets, soft gels, chewables and liquids. With so many different ways to take a supplement we wanted to break down all the reasons why you should be using a liquid supplement. The key focus being how liquid supplements are far more easily absorbed.

why you should be using a liquid supplement

When it comes to switching to liquid for your supplements, one of the biggest reasons why you should be using a liquid supplement is the flexibility of how individuals can chose their preferred dose that works best for them. With older supplement takers, typically they have a more sensitive digestive tract from ageing and therefore can benefit from being able to pick their perfect starting dose and work their way up to higher doses as they go. This allows for the body to adjust and build up to be able to take the right amount without any discomfort or any side effects. Another reason why we go liquid is being able to control dosing is also great for children, as everyone is different they can go with a lower dose to fit their weights.

A common misconception is that a liquid vitamin will expire very quickly, at Matsun Nutrition all of our products shelf life is two years from the manufactured date. Hardly a quick expiration.

What’s important to note when considering why you should be using a liquid supplement is that your body does not need to breakdown liquids like it does with pills and capsules. This gives you a leg up over capsules and tablets which can take as long as 30 minutes before they can be absorbed into the body. Along with this there is the higher potency, more nutrition that you are getting at “peak potency”  lets talk about convivence, you can make your own cocktails with liquid supplements mixing them into a blended drink to take all your supplements in one go. A lot easier than trying to gulp down handfuls of painful pills. Did we mention flavor? We got flavor.  

According to the Physician’s Desk Reference studies showed that 85% of nutrients in liquid supplements are absorbed within 20-30 seconds, compared to upwards of 30 minutes from capsules the nutrients are not always delivered effectively compared to their liquid counter parts.   The Physicians Desk reference also noted that with pills or capsules only around 40-55% of the nutrients are utilized. Just another reason why we go liquid.

There are plenty of reasons to go liquid for your supplements, if you are looking to start making more of an impact with your products check out our wholesale page where you can get in on the liquid supplement train.