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If you are in need of a private label yacon root manufacturers, Matsun Nutrition can fulfill! Our organic, non-GMO yacon syrup is available for contract manufacturing and private label. Sourced directly from Peru, we are proud to deliver a pure yacon syrup product. Yacon syrup is growing in popularity due to recent studies and media exposure. World renowned doctors and nutritionists are calling yacon syrup a breakthrough product in increasing metabolism.

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What is Yacon Root?

The yacon root (Smallanthus sonchifolius), sometimes called the Peruvian ground apple, is similar to jicama in appearance, taste, and texture. Both are tubers that have a sweet mild flavor and can be eaten raw. The yacon root is found to grow wild in the Andes Mountains, between the countries of Colombia and Argentina. Yacon root is processed into syrup via a process similar to that of maple syrup. Yacon root has been used for centuries in South American countries for its health properties.

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The Benefits of Yacon Syrup

Claims that yacon effects weight loss and blood sugar control have been widely reported. The results of one such study* have shown that yacon syrup significantly decreased body fat and mass in 73% of the women studied without changes to diet or exercise. Fructooligosaccharide (FOS) found in yacon syrup is a natural sweetener that has no effect on raising blood sugar, making it a great sugar alternative for diabetics and others in need of monitoring their blood sugar.

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