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YouTube Channels to Help with Your Supplement Business

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YouTube Channels to Help with Your Supplement Business

Learning and improving your knowledge of the business world is so vital when owning a small business. The business world is cut-throat and will leave you behind if you do not keep up. Luckily, with the technology we have nowadays, knowledge and advice are out there for you to take and apply to your business. One great resource for this is YouTube. This social platform is full of thousands of videos for just about any topic. Here are some YouTube channels to help with your supplement business. Take advantage of this free knowledge and watch your business skills improve each day.

Marie Forleo

Not only is Marie a popular YouTuber, but she is also an author and a motivational speaker. She is full to the brim of business advice. She even runs her online business courses. This is a great option for people who love her channel and want to learn even more extensive knowledge about running a successful business.

Bryan Elliott

If you want to learn from a variety of successful business owners and other professionals, then this channel is for you! Bryan’s videos on Behind the Brand consists of interviews to give his audience the best expert advice. He finds out the reason for success for some of the most successful entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs he interviews are also from a variety of industries, making it fun to find videos you are interested in.


If you love Moz then this YouTube channel will be fun for you to watch. Although they do not post often, these videos with the CEO of Moz are very helpful and informative.

Dave Ramsey

Most people know him as a financial expert. His videos are a great way to learn how to master finances for your business. Being smart with your money is so vital for your supplement business to succeed. Take his advice and apply it to your own business and maybe even your personal life too.

Robin Sharma

This best-selling author has a lot of great advice for entrepreneurs. His YouTube channels focus on motivation and how to change your outlook on life to become the best business owner you can be. Most of his advice comes from his own experiences and success. While the videos are not the most exciting, the advice is priceless.

To get started with your liquid supplement line, contact Matsun Nutrition! Read our article, “A Closer Look at the Supplement Industry” to learn how the industry is expected to grow in the next few years. Take what you have learned from these YouTube channels to help with your supplement business and apply them to your own.