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USA Herbal Supplement Manufacturers

USA Herbal Supplement Manufacturers – Who Are They?

In today’s world where we are all becoming very careful of our health, USA herbal supplement manufacturers are coming up with great quality liquid herbal supplements that are more effective. Most of the herbal supplement manufacturers are ensuring that the health products they manufacture are very helpful to our health with minimum side effects. We’ve all at some point in our lives come across these somewhat popular names “Echinacea, Flaxseed, and Ginkgo”, to mention but a few. For those who lack idea as to what they are, they are herbal remedies for various illnesses. Herbal supplements, otherwise referred to as botanical, have been in use for thousands of years and are said to treat a number of ailments. However, what makes botanical different from other forms of medications is that they have not been subjected to the same scientific analysis as the other medications. This is not to mean that herbal manufacturers don’t follow good manufacturing practices; they do, but don’t necessarily need approval from Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to put their products on the market. As such, this article will be answering the topic statement, which most of you could also be asking yourselves the same. What do USA herbal supplement manufacturers do?

What are Herbal Supplement Manufacturers?

Herbal supplement manufacturers in the USA are literally manufacturers that produce liquid herbal extracts for the purposes of their use as medication. Liquid herbal extract in simplicity is a concentrated solution made by washing/pulling the herbs chemical constituents out of the cellulose. To extract these chemical constituents from inert herb fibers, they use a solution of glycerin and water or alcohol and water. Under normal conditions, quality liquid herbal supplements ought to preserve the taste, aroma and biological activity of the herb from which it is extracted from.

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How Safe are Herbal Supplements Made In The USA?

Herbal supplements that are made in the USA are regulated by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) but unlike other drugs, or foods, they fall under dietary supplements and thus abide by the following rules:

1. Manufacturers do not necessarily need to seek FDA approval before putting their products on the market. Herbal supplement Manufacturers can also market their products using information that their product support health, address nutrient deficiency or are linked to body functions, provided they have supporting research and also include a disclaimer that FDA has not verified the claim.

2. Herbal manufacturers are expected to abide by good manufacturing practices to ensure that the supplements they are processing are consistent and meet the quality standards. As such, they are expected to keep contaminants and wrong ingredients, such as lead and pesticides out of supplements, as well as to ensure that the right ingredients are used in their right proportions.

3. Finally, once the product is in the market, The FDA is accountable of monitoring its safety. Should any product be found unsafe, the body has the right to take necessary action against the manufacturer, distributor, or both.

However, you ought to be informed that, despite the fact that these rules are in existence, it doesn’t guarantee that all liquid herbal supplements are safe to use. There are some which contains active ingredients that have strong effects in the body and can thus be risky to use. Mixing different supplements can also be dangerous and unless otherwise, should be avoided at all cost.

How To Know What’s In An Herbal Supplement

All herbal supplement manufacturers are expected to include the following information on the labels of their herbal supplements:

· The name of that specific supplement

· Name and address of the herbal supplement manufacturers or distributors

· Complete list of active ingredients.

· Serving size, amount and potent ingredients.

It is very possible to not understand everything listed on the herbal supplement. This can be especially true on some private label supplements that do not adhere to GMP standards.  Should you find it difficult to comprehend what’s being discussed, find either a doctor or a pharmacist to explain it to you in details. Alternatively, you can compare the active ingredients in products by using the Dietary Supplement Label Database found on the National Institute of Health’s Website.

How to Safely Use Herbal Supplements

Before trying liquid herbal supplements, you first need to confirm that everything indicated in this article has been catered for. Confirm that all the details have been labeled and that the product is from trusted herbal supplement manufacturers. When it comes to dosage, the required amount is often written on the package and should by all means be adhered to strictly. As a warning, you should never mix herbal supplements, as this can be dangerous, due to the reasons already explained in this article earlier. Finally, if the product is bought online, be very cautious of the miraculous claims on the vendor’s website. In more than one occasion, it’s been found that most online sellers tend to provide wrong information; sort of exaggerated, with aims to deceptively lure users into buying their products.